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A Walk to Remember

No description

Aisha Nadeem

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember
Nicholas Sparks

A Brief Introduction
Landon Carter
Major Characters
A walk to remember is about a 57 year old man named Landon Carter who is telling a story about the year that changed his life, his seventeenth year. He had known a girl named Jamie Sullivan since childhood and he always used to tease her for being different than others. She was the daughter of the baptist minister, Hegbert Sullivan who was also enemies with Landon's father. He takes part in the Christmas play with her and talks about the times they spend together. Eventually he gets to know who she really is and falls in love with her only to discover that she is suffering with leukemia. He spends her last seven months with her happily as he can and becomes a changed man.
The setting takes place in the city of Beaufort, North Carolina in 1958 and 1959. The point of view is first person which is Landon Carter.
Major/Minor Characters
Major Characters: Landon Carter, Jamie Sullivan and Hegbert Sullivan.
Minor Characters: Worth Carter(Landon's dad), Landon's mother, Eric Hunter(Landon's best friend), Landon's grandfather, Jamie's mother, Miss Garber, Carey and Eddie.
Protagonist and Antagonist
Landon Carter is the protagonist and antagonist of the story and the story is told from his point of view. Landon is both the antagonist and protagonist because most of the time he is at war with himself and is unsure of the desisions he makes. Throughout the story his mind and heart contridict each other. An example is when Landon first realizes that he is in love with Jamie but he continuisly denies it infront of his friends due to the fact that Jamie is an outcast.
Character Type/Role
Landon is a dynamic character. He is a dynamic character because he changed throughout the whole story. His personality, thoughts and values all change due to the events and experiences he goes through.
In the book, Landon is described as a popular, decent,well behaved good looking boy who is liked my many. He is a high school student and the president in his school. He is also best friends with the most popular boy in school, Eric Hunter. Landon is not very athletic and he never played any sports or joined any type of club in school. He never tried to excel anything. Landon has a very good heart.. As Landon started spending time with Jamie he started to realize that she isnt different, she is normal jus like everyone else. He started to fall in love with Jamie from her personality and actions. When he found out she was sick he wanted to do everything she wanted with her in her last seven months. Landon was mischievous because he always wondered about Jamie. He thought it was odd that she carried her bible everywhere she went and why she was always happy and wanted the best for others, even the ones who were mean to her. He was also very conscious about himself and others. Whenever he was seen with Jamie by his friends he would hesitate and make an excuse. He was well aware when he did something right or wrong. Landon is also very laid back. He faced life as it came and was very carefree. He made his own expectations. Lastly Landon is sensitive. When Landon found out about Jamie's sickness he couldn't understand why it happened to someone like her and that the person who made him feel so good about himself and the person who he loved was being taken away from him. He was very heartbroken and often tried not to breakdown when seeing her.
Character Development
As you already know, Landon changed throughout the story. In the beginning of the story, Landon starts off as a self-centered, laid back person who makes fun of people he sees differently. Landon is trying to figure out who he wants to be. As he spends time with Jamie, he learns a lot about her and she helps him become the man he truly is. A strong man who cares for others and who is very kind, gentle and compassionate.
Jamie Sullivan Appearance/Personality
Jamie Sullivan was a 17 year old girl who was dying of leukemia. She was the whole opposite of Landon. She was the daughter of the Baptist minister, Hegbert Sullivan. Jamie was very cheerful, kind, simple and decent. She always helped others and always wanted the best for everyone. She was very religious and never lost faith and often referred to everything that happened as the Lord's plan. She would carry her bible everywhere she went. Jamie was described as a girl with long brown straight hair which was often tied in a bun and who wore a sweater and skirt almost everyday.
Jamie's Character Role/Type
Jamie is a static character. Jamie's thoughts, personality and values stay the same throughout the story. Her role in Landon's life was that she helped him, find out who he truly was and what he really wanted to do in life. Jamie's actions and thoughts helped change people for their good.
Hegbert Sullivan
Hegbert Sullivan was the father of Jamie. He was also a Baptist minister in Beaufort. He wrote the Christmas play. His wife had died and Jamie was all he had left of her. Hegbert was enemies with Landon's father and was not fond of his daughter's friendship and blossoming love with Landon. He was very protective of his daughter and was shown as a strict quiet serious man. Hegbert is a flat character because he does not change through the whole story. He stays the same.
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