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Medieval Japan

No description

Ella Gerber

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Medieval Japan

Medieval Japan
China and Korea had very big influences on Japan. Religion, architecture, and more were inspired by China and Korea because they were so close to Japan.
Shinto, Zen Buddhism, and Pure land Buddhism had very big influences on Japan's culture. Shinto was Japan's first religion and it was based on the idea of nature spirits called Kami. Zen Buddhism was focused on inner peace, self-discipline, meditation, and simplicity. Pure Land Buddhism believed in happy life after death and worshiped the Amida, the Buddha of love and mercy.
The Japanese used a system of government called feudalism. Feudalism is when nobles are promised land if they fight in war and promise loyalty. Japan often traded with near by islands to keep from starving and so that they could have allies if they needed them.
Social Structures
Medieval Japan social pyramid.
Murasaki Shikibu was a lady in waiting in medieval Japan. She was very smart but that was not valued in women at the time. She had a diary that turned into a novel and now she is very famous for that. There were very famous plays called Noh plays. Noh plays were performed in light- weight masks so they wouldn't get too heavy over the whole performance.
Samurai Warrior
Noh Mask
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