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School Uniform Policy

No description

Patricia Batalla

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of School Uniform Policy

-Unity of clothes gives a good impression of the school and students to other people Dress Code in Schools - Uniforms By Jerry, Nalini, Patricia, and Carley Schools with Uniform Policy History 23% of all schools have a Uniform policy School uniforms started in Cambridge, England in the 16th Century What are school uniforms?
-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_uniform "an outfit—a set of standardized clothes—worn primarily for an educational institution" Parents Parents are for school uniforms because ... Parents are against school uniforms because... Students Students are for school uniforms because... Students are against school uniforms because... Teachers Teachers are for school uniforms because... Teachers are against school uniforms because... Stereotypes The Truth Private Schools in Vancouver 5.6 % of Canadian students are enrolled in private schools. Canada Top 4 Private Schools in Canada 1. Appleby College - Oakville, ON

2. The Bishop Strachan School - Toronto, ON

3. Branksome Hall - Toronto, ON

4. Brentwood College School - Mill Bay, BC St. Georges Private School in Australia A.B. Paterson College Interview of Mr. Eklund - Restrictions of creativity and self-expression Limits their child(ren)'s personal expression
People with religious items of clothing that must be worn may be prohibited
Gives CANCER Social classes disappear
Child(ren) more focused on school work
Less expensive - Discomfort for some students We each have our own opinions on school uniforms. http://www.gate.net/~RWMS/UniformBrunRock.html - Loss of identity for individuals

- Ugly Private School in Japan A formal, professional and neat uniform
Increases school pride
Decreases distraction
Helps identify trespassers
Helps to identify children from their school on trips NERDS
Uniforms do not help students with academic performance, improvement in attendance, behavior, or drug use. We're not very different.
We are the same. School Uniforms Give Cancer Vancouver College York House School Little Flower Academy Discourages Individuality
Impedes Safety Issues
Can give the school a bad name Okinawa Shogaku High School Annual Cost Parents Spend on Back-to-School Clothing Private School - Equality for students
- Takes less time in the morning
- Can't be teased on what they wear Public School $249 - Unacceptable design for some students $400 Prevents illegal guns from being in school Jerry and Nalini's Experience with School Uniforms
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