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The Kingdom of Axum

No description

etienne simonet

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of The Kingdom of Axum

Farming in the Highlands
Cattle, sheep and camels
Wheat, Barley and Teff
Cities with monumental architecture
The stelae
Axum stelae
Written language
While I burnt their towns and my people seized their
and their bronze and their dried meat,

And the images in their temples and destroy the stocks of
and cotton...

The Ezana stone, 325 A.D.
written in Ge'ez
The Kingdom of Axum:
An ancient agrarian civilization in Africa

The natural environment, agriculture and husbandry
Bowl with a pair of oxen
Pre-Axumit dam in Qohaito
Ruins in Axum
Job Specialization
Local Industry
Pottery, ivory and glass
How developed was it?
Farm buildings
Possibly a tank for making wine
The palace of the Queen of Sheba
Trade: Coinage
Pre-christian era gold coin
circa 330 A.D.
King Joel silver coin
6th Century A.D.
Conversion to Christianity in the 4th Century AD
Power brokers:
The kings of Axum
Ivory panel
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