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The School Story

Reading Project

Hannah Kasprzyk

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of The School Story

The School Story Characters and Setting Natalie, Zoe, Hannah, and Ms. Clayton Natalie Letha Springfield and Zoe's Father Ms. Clayton Written by Andrew Clements Prezi by Hannah Kasprzyk Main Characters Natalie (Cassandra Day)
Zoe (Zee Zee Reisman)
Hannah Nelson
Ms. Clayton Setting The School Story takes place in, obviously, school and Shipley Junior Books, an editing company in New York. Natalie is a young author in middle
school. She wrote a book called, "The
Cheater". She then strives to get it
published by her mom's editing company, "Shipley Junior Books". Her best friend, Zoe, volunteers to be her agent so she can get it published. Personality Physical Zoe Personality Zoe is very outgoing and will take on any
challange that is given to her. She is
known as Natalie's agent for her book. She
is very dedicated and will never give up for
anything. She is one of my favorite characters
for this reason. Cassandra Day Zee Zee Reisman Natalie has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin. Physical Zoe Reisman has dark, long brown hair, dark
brown eyes. She also has a bigger type nose. Hannah Nelson Personality Hannah Nelson is one of the lead
editors of 'Shipley Junior Books'.
She is Natalie's mother. She is the
editor that edited Natalie's book, as
requested. Even though she loves her
job, she sometimes fears her boss, Letha Springfield. Supporting Characters Letha Springfield
Zoe's Dad Physical Hannah has bigger, kind of frizzy, hair.
She has glasses and dark hazel eyes,
like Natalie. Personality Ms. Clayton is the English teacher of Deary
School. She teaches in the Linden Room and
she absolutely hates her last class. She dreads
it the whole day. She, later in the story, helps
Natalie and Zoe with their publishing
adventure. Physical Ms. Clayton is in her mid-twenties, but looks
as if she's in her mis-forties. She has short hair
and she is skinnier. Main Supporting Letha Letha Springfield is Hannah
Nelson's horrible boss. She is
not caring of others and is very
harsh. She often bullies Hannah
Nelson throughout the story, but
at the end, gives her a big editing
job. Zoe's Father Zoe's father is known as the lawyer figure in
the story. He helps Zoe and Natalie figure out
if the publishing contrat that 'Shipley Junior
Books' gave them is legal for them to sign. Plot Exposition In the beginning, we learn that Natalie Nelson is a young,
inspired author. She writes a uncompleted book called, 'The
Cheater'. She believes that her best friend, Zoe Reisman, would give a good opinion on the book, so she lets her read it. Zoe then suggests getting it published. Natalie decides to
think about for a while. Toward the end of the exposition, we meet Hannah Nelson, an editor for 'Shipley Junior Books'.
As Natalie see's her mom, or Hannah, she asks her about her
day and about the editing and publishing buisness. This leads
to Hannah telling her all about the buisness. Rising Action In the rising action, Zoe begins to become more
hooked onthe idea of publishing Natalie's book. Yet, there is a problem, Natalie's mom. Natalie doesn't want her mom to know that she is publishing a book. She just doesn't want special treatment. Zoe takes this in consideration and asks Natalie to research Ed Geisel. The next day, Natalie comes back saying that Ed Geisel is Dr. Suess. Zoe's then suggests that Natalie gets a pen name, or a fake name, to protect her identity. Thus, Cassandra Day was born. After this, the girls decide that they need a adviser to help them so they go to their English teacher, Ms. Clayton. When Ms. Clayton hears the whole situation, she hesitates but agrees. Soon, they have a publishing club, with a manager (Zoe), and writer (Natalie) and an advisor (Ms. Clayton). Zoe decides that she also needs a pen name, so she named herself Zee Zee Reisman.

Soon after, Natalie's mom finds out that Natalie has been getting alot more work and that she's been really tired. Natalie says that she took up a creative writing class. Her mom is proud of her and she lets it fly. Rising Action (continued) Soon after, Natalie finishes her book and she lets Ms. Clayton and Zoe read her book. At their next meeting, they all agree that the ending of the book was great. Later in the day, Zoe leaves an envelope for Ms. Clayton containing money for an office, a beeper, and any other device for their publishing club. She takes the money to the bank and deposits half of it. The rest she spends on the publishing office and other supplies. Meanwhile, Hannah is trying to convince Letha to let her edit, "The Cheater", by "Zee Zee Reisman's" special request. Though Letha says no, Hannah still is persistant. When Zoe finds out that Letha said no, she demands that Hannah edits the book again. Letha finally agrees.
A few days later, the publishing club gets a letter containing a contract that lets them agree to edit and publish it. Natalie and Zoe have to go to Zoe's dad, the lawyer, to get it varified. He says that it is okay to sign so they sign it and send it back. Climax The climax is when the book finally gets finished and in a hardcover copy. This is the climax because they worked for the goal of getting the book published and they finally did.
Falling Action Shipley Junior Books decides that they should have
a party for the new book. When Zoe hears, she
agrees and says that Natalie has to show her
true identity sooner or later. Natalie agrees and
she goes to the party. Resolution At the end of the book, Hannah finds out that
Natalie was the author. Natalie then gets
many interviews and she gets asked many
questions. Her mother is extremely proud and she can't believe that it was her the whole
time. Favorite Part of the Book My favorite part of the book was when the
book got published. It felt like the reader
achieved a goal when really, the characters
did. Recommendation I would recommend this book to any-
one. This is one of my favorite books
now and I'm glad I read it. This book
has many components any it fits
about anyone's taste. Thank You!
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