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outdoor finance

No description

benjamin Spackman

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of outdoor finance

Financial Projections Competitors Optimistic Pessimistic Most Likely utdoorist Breakeven Analysis Profitability Average Growth Rate Potential Market Potential and 2011, this during an economic recession when many sectors struggled The outdoor recreation economy grew approximately 5% annually between 2005 Road Map Potential Risks June 2013 September 2013 March 2014 June 2014 -Website -Functional App for Apple How Does it Work? -Intro of snow sports -Application for Android - Incorporation of Journal usage in App - Intro to Water sports - Adaption for all other Smart phones _ Intro to Extreme Sports - World Wide Launch $536,895 $2,280,165 Crypt Lake, Waterton Alberta Dutch Creek, Alberta Lake Louise, Alberta - Hunting - 15M - Biking - 91M - Motor Sports - 28M - Camping - 57M - Hiking - 35M - Fishing - 56M -$725,820 Low Adoption Rate Over Saturation Competing with Giants Low Consumer Spending Year 3 - 1,389,569 212% Most Likely Year 1 - 239,973 Year 2 - 445,757 86% Of Users 110 Million Affiliate Linking Maps Calls Year 1 -$755,987 Year 2 -$1,522,116 Year 3 $1,266,566 Most Likely
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