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Entrio venture connect

No description

Berislav Marszalek

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Entrio venture connect

Let's say So, how does it work? www. .hr Creating Entrio event Promotion and integration across the web Monitor, analyze and improve Entrio handles registration, payment and billing. Attendee check-in Collect the revenue A simple, social, and powerful platform for selling event tickets online. Focus markets Conferences & Seminars Festivals & Concerts Why? first similar service in region ? adjust ticket prices
change promotion channels
create discount codes Real-time sales statistics
Traffic sources analysis local premium support and billing rich and social ticketing experience it's easy, reliable and fun to use Mobile ticket Print@home Printed attendee list event marketing performance Sales B.SE Danijel CEO M.Sc.EE Berislav Developer B.SE Alen PR M.sc. journalism Monika Consultant M.sc.Oec. Matija Entrio team Market Romania credit card usage in 2011. increased by 15% (Ystats) Facts Business model Company history and structure established First 11 months per-ticket fee (0,3€ + 3% in Croatia) free for free events (marketing) other revenue streams billing custom ticket
/ page design featured events advertising through partner network CRM & loyalty programs Jan '11. May '11. Sep '11. Jan '12. open for public first brainstorming by Matija and Bero received 30 k€ angel investment began to work @ grandma's place :) started beta testing Berislav Matija Angels All-in-one solution! Stand-alone event shop Entrio Facebook shop viral promotion through social channels Mobile event shop embeddable widgets gamification via discount codes and referral programmes (soon) customized registration forms with data export payment methods: credit cards bank transfer PayPal (soon) mobile micro-payments (soon) automated billing in organizer's name Innovative in-browser scanning Second phase regional expansion implementation of add. revenue streams employment code and infrastructure scaling Funds needed partner network and marketing We are looking for investment international partners (Romania and other) local sales and support First 15 months (Croatia only) 7.000 users >19.000 tickets issued >540 organized events first Facebook shop in Croatia (festivals, seminars, concerts, workshops...) biggest exhibition in croatian history -
Picasso masterpieces in Zagreb global ticketing industry $12 billion est. in 2011. Financial projections international expansion - 2 more countries in 2013 Regional market size est.:
(live music + business events) Croatia Romania Bulgaria 17,3 million € 60 million € 22 million € 100 million € AU, HU,
SLO, SRB 298 million € Poland 174 million € Entrio first and only in the region offers DIY online ticketing SEE is rapidly growing market with big internet penetration Romania and Bulgaria - top 5 fastest internet connections in the world $250.000 annual net profit by the end of 2014 For expansion and system scaling: marketing salaries office equipment partner network equipment business trips IT infrastructure 130.000€ - for equity - for revenue share (detailed financial calculations available) Thank you! :) Western live music acts don't sell paper tickets anymore. The trend is spreading on east. Berislav Marszalek
+385 98 1656 865 Try it and keep in touch!
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