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Breath vs Blood Ketone testing

PPM to mmol/L ?

Michel Lundell

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Breath vs Blood Ketone testing

Studies show ...
Breath Acetone:
correlates well with glucose
indicates ketogenesis e.g the breakdown of fatty acids in liver to ketones (burning fat).
Blood Beta-hydroxybutyrate concentration is a product of ketogenesis and time.
Breath vs Blood Testing
Fatty acids
Study objects : healthy, non dieting, in a 12 hrs fasted state. They where fed with ketogenic liquids during 24 hours.
Increased AcetoAcetate will produce Acetone and Beta-hydroxybutyrate from excess AcetoAcetate
Breath acetone correlates well with blood glucose.
5 day water fast
Beta-hydroxybutyrate increases from 1.0 to 4.8
Acetone is high, increases after 4 days
Glucose drops after 4 days
Beta-hydroxybutyrate is a product of ketogenesis and time
Acetone indicates ketogenesis
High ketosis increases beta-hydroxybutyrate over time.
Breath acetone correlates to glucose, beta-hydroxybutyrate does not.
Reflections ...
Why does it not correlate better?
The "issue" is ...
People have different levels of ketosis.
Time * (Level of ketosis) = Beta-hydroxybutyrate
Michel Lundell
Highest concentration is in the bottom of your lungs

Technique is important, practicing is free and does not take long.

Tip #1: Do not inhale to exhale.
Tip #2: Exhale until you can't do more

Measures Acetone in breath (PPM)
Method Comparison
A drop of blood is all thats needed. No special technique is required. Very popular method at hospitals and at your doctors office.

Penetration of your finger is needed to get sample of blood.

Each measure costs, be generous with your drop of blood so you don't waste a test-strip!

Measures Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in blood (mmol/L)
Fatty acids are broken down in the liver into acetoacetate (ketone)
The correlation between breath and blood ketones is not a simple conversion between units. It is two different substances and one is accumulated over time.
Acetone is spontaneously
released from the acetoacetate
Beta-hydroxybutyrate is formed
by excess AcetoAcetate and stored
in the blood stream.
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