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Irish Dance

by: Isa Marshall

Isa Marshall

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Irish Dance

Irish Dance
By: Isa Marshall Objective: By the end of this presentation you will understand what irish dance is... from the
dresses/steps/ music
history What is Irish Dance? C Shoes Hard shoes:
-fiber glass tips and hallow heals.
-In the past hard shoes used to have
nails in them to make sound.
-Bubble heels were invented in 1945, and
then later on were prohibited. Soft shoes:
-introduced in 1924 to girls, 1970s
for boys.
-made from black leather and lace.
-can be found in different colors
and in patent. "crossroads dancing" than was introduced as irish dancing History Vikings destroyed most books from the 7th century and 8th century, ended in around 1014 1014 Statute of Kilkenny was decreed imposing heavy penalties against anyone practicing Irish customs. Dance declined for a while then continued on in secret.Traditional irish dance continued secrecy until the 1700s 1697 Irish Dancing Commission was founded to make rules in teaching, judging and competitions 1929 Riverdance was created, by Michael Flatley. Made irish dance well known. 1994 1366 Competitions Called a Feis
Can be found in the U.S once every month
Regional Competition: Oireachtis... best dancers than qualify for Nationals and Worlds.
Oireachtis and Nationals take place each year in a different state.
Worlds takes place all over the world, mostly in Ireland, Scotland and London. (this year it is in Boston)

What to wear to a competition
Beginners: school dress, small wig, and white poodle socks
Championship: solo dress, larger wig, and white sparkly poodle socks... the more sparkles the better.

Feis- up to 3 judges.
Oirachtis/Nationals- 5 judges
Worlds- 8 judges
What do they judge?
turn out
overall appearance
steps Dresses Solo Dress-
once reached championship
dancer may pick the design and colors
over the years the style of the solo dresses has changed. From having a high waist, less sequins and overall less bling. Overall Appearance Wigs Comes in many colors
Ranges in size depending on size of kid, and level
Can add many accessories to it... like crowns and flowers Steps/Music Includes many shuffles,bangs and leaps.
Soft shoes may look like ballet, hard shoe looks sort of like tap.
Dancers have a special solo dance that is in hard shoe called a set, this shows the judges the dancers talent. Arms Dancers must keep arms at waist, if moved judge will mark of points.
In the past there wouldn't be much room to dance, so the dancer would dance in the door way which required their arms at their waist.
Hands are kept in a fist. Different types of music light jig
treble jig
slip jig
slow hornpipe
traditional treble jig
St. Patrick's Day
many sets Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_dance http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/00374/history.html Linnane Wick- dance teacher http://www.irelandseye.com/dance.html Thank You!
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