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Jefferson Middle

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of hayes,Rainforest

By Arianna Hayes The Rainforest LEMURS The kinds of plants in the rainforest are? The kinds of animals
in the rainforest
are? FERN-TILE The What the temperature is in the rainforest? The average How do people effect
the rainforest? 2 natural resorces
are? Timber The biggest rainforest
is? TOUCANS ORANGUTAN MONKEYS JAGUARS SLC-LEOPARD FOTOLIA LUNGWORTS What the rainfall is in the rainforest? average rainfall is 400cm. or 157.5 in. per year Teperature is at daytime: 34c=93f nighttime: 20c-68f People are hurting the rainforest because they are cutting down trees and destroying animals homes. And the more they cut down trees the more they hurt the enviorment we and animals need to have trees otherwise we wouldn't have oxygen to breath we would die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! petroleum Some rainforest
are located in
South America,
Latin America,
Brazil, South East Asia,
West Africa :) 4.1 million sq. km. facts sloths move so slow
that alge grows on
them. facts Some bamboo can grow 9 in.-39 in. a day. facts The canopy of rainforest
may be 100 feet
above the ground. facts Half of the
worlds plants
and animals
live in the
rainforest. HOPE
IT :)
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