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Random Stimulus


David A Cruz Vargas

on 16 April 2012

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Transcript of Random Stimulus

Betsy K. Lanchero
David A. Cruz V. Random Estimulus Qué es? Cuándo usarlo? En qué usarlo? Agenda! Explicación de la dinámica Identificar ¿Qué se va a hacer? Expectativas Asociación Generar Ideas Identificar Presentar el estímulo El Estímulo plastic wrench star gourmet money dice X-ray Half Wisdom Asociación Increase running speed during training Ingredient Recipe Food Part List Cooking Generar Ideas Improve Employee Morale in Operation Minimize cost associated with activities Team work Applause Many Roles Fun Instruments Form Work Teams Recognize good performance Schedule weekly meetings to improve communication Company-sponsored outing activities Hold Talent Building Workshops or sessions Employee of the month Include sales, clients, services... Bowling, Company picnic Upgrade everyone's desk chair + Nuevo Contexto para generar ideas Fomenta la participación - Depende de personas activas y participativas Thanks! :) 5' 3' 5' 15' 8' 13' 28' Job To Be Done Outcome Expectations Pericia del expositor
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