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my personal life

No description

eyas abu

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of my personal life

About myself
I was born in Amman, Jordan. on the 6th of May 2002.
when we arrived to Australia i went to 3 different schools, first i went to Australian international academy from year 3-6, then to Al-Faisal college for year 7, after that to Alnoori for years 8-9 and on.
My past 3 years in high school
difficult to get to know other students because you're new.
How did school benefit me?
it made me more informed about the world around me
what would you like to be doing in 5 years time.
in 5+ years time i would like to complete my HSC course and would like to finish university and get a job.
Early years in school
Success during
high school

one success i have achieved during my years in high school is that it changed my perspective and opinions towards other people.
My Personal Life
MADE BY: Eyas Abu Sardaneh
i was the fourth sibling in a family of 6, with a 10 year difference between my eldest brother and me
i lived in Jordan for only 4 years. after that we moved to Doha, Qatar because my dad was working there.
when we lived in Qatar, i went to a school called Al-Jazeera Academy. where i started my education until year 3.
after year 3 we moved again to Australia due to the better universities and education system
during these years it taught me that although you move schools, you have to meet new people and get to know them.
also taught me to be persistent, resilient, become more responsible
it gave me an opportunity to become more educated and become smarter
i became a more open minded person
What do i like?
i like to play video games
play soccer
talk with others
make new friends
visit new places overseas
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