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Harper Jones

on 17 April 2016

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Transcript of CHAINS

Slavery in the American Revolution
"Run-away from the subscriber, living at No. 110, Water-street, near the new slip. A Negro girl named Poll, about 13 years of age, very black, marked with the smallpox, and had on when she went away a red cloth petticoat, and a light blue short gown, home made. Whoever will take up and secure the said Girl so that the owner may get her, shall be handsomely rewarded." - Newspaper advertisement in the Royal Gazette (New York)
Relation to in-class discussions
Meaning and Context
This quote is a expert from ad put out for a runaway slave. These were common when slaves ran away in the late 1700s. If the slave was found, the person who found the slave would often be handsomely rewarded and the slave would be harshly punished
BY harper Jones
This relates to our in-class discussions about slavery. Many slaves tried to escape their masters and join the English. This epigraph also relates to our discussions about the lengths previous masters went to to find runaway slaves and then the lengths of their slaves punishments for running away.
This quote was put in the book not only to signify the fact that many slaves ran away during this period, but also to bring notice to the fact that the British Military accepted any slaves that had runaway from rebel owners. The British put out a notice, telling all slaves that if they managed to runaway from their owners, they would be taken in by the british and given a job working for them. This caused a lot of slave disappearances which angered many rebel slave owners.
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