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Deus Vult

No description

Lindsiann Shi

on 12 November 2017

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Transcript of Deus Vult

Connections between the Crusades and modern anti-western terrorism
The crusades and the modern
anti-western terrorism
share numerous
Fights for spread of own religion and territoty
Crusades: spread of Christendom, regain Jerusalem

ISIS: revive ancient caliphate

"A global caliphate secured through a global war ... "remaining and expanding" its existing hold over much of Iraq and Syria. ...to take its war -- Islam's war -- to Europe and America, and ultimately to lead Muslims toward an apocalyptic battle against the 'disbelievers.'"
--- CNN

The origins
Both started because of their counter part's invasion.

Muslims Byzantine Empire
Christians Afghanistan
Both destroys their counter part's holy site
1099 --> Siege of Jerusalem by crusaders
-->destruction of Jewish temples and Muslim mosques
ISIS destroys holy sites of other religions and artifacts
"These antiquities and idols behind me were from people in past centuries and were worshiped instead of God. When God Almighty orders us to destroy these statues, idols and antiquities, we must do it, even if they're worth billions of dollars."

---- unamed ISIS fighter
Both have wars with other branches of their faith
4th Crusade

Roman catholics sacked Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Orthodoxy.
"Human rights groups have expressed horror at a rising tide of sectarian violence in Iraq, including reports from ISIS-controlled areas of beheadings and executions of Shiite religious leaders, civilians and captured security forces."

-Washington Post
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