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Team Innovation

No description

Sarah Pillman

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Team Innovation

Team Innovation
Abortion should be a woman's choice because it is their body and will impact their lives the most. Religion should not have a place in lawmaking when our Founders make it so that the church and the state become separate entities.
Gun Control
An individual who is 18 may own a firearm such as a shotgun or rifle. However, they must be at least 21 to possess a handgun. To possess a weapon at such an age should be prohibited or at least be done but with more restrictions. In fact, any individual who is to purchase a firearm should undergo a strict and precise background. This background check would consist at looking at any past criminal history, mental illness's in the family, self mental illness's, or anything that would trigger the individual to using the firearm irresponsibly or inappropriately.
Education is the key for brighter futures not just for the individuals and their families but also for the state and country. Education should be open not just to those who can pay for it, for some education can be a life-saver, and get them out of the situations that not having enough resources puts them in.
Team Innovation believes that some of the issues in America can be and should be attended to in ways that would be just. No individual residing in America should be denied basic necessities nor the opportunity to better themselves.

Team Innovation holds Centrist beliefs. This is due to the fact that most of our opinions on issues aren't sided along with Conservative or Liberal beliefs. However, Centrist beliefs are in between the opinions of Conservatives and Liberals.
War and Peace
Certain drugs should have strict regulations when being used for medication purposes. Other drugs that are already considered illegal and serve no medical purpose should be banned entirely, should the selling of the banned drugs be known law enforcement will be contacted and receive punishment to the full extent of the law.
Focus on conflicts that occur on our soil. Let the Country's Government deal with their own issues. (The conflcit/violence in the middle east has simmer down now should be the time to bring all our soldiears back and let the Country's government resolve their own issues)
Mascot and Slogan
Team Innovation where opinions matter, Don't worry we won't choose the latter!
By Sarah and Sofia
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