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Ontario Telemedicine Network

No description

Ryan Alexander

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Ontario Telemedicine Network

An Introduction To Telemedicine Bringing Telederm to our Patients
Provide brief background information about the growth of Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes
Enhance knowledge of Telemedicine
Introduce a specific Telemedicine service: Telederm Today's presentation will... To improve service coordination/integration
To yield efficiencies to the health system and patients
To increase patient access to care
To improve health outcomes
To improve patient and provider satisfaction
To enhance working relationships Evolution of patient care... 1999 2013 Some of our collective goals are... Community Support Services
(Since 1985)

Meals on Wheels
Friendly Visiting
Adult Day Programs
Diners’ Club
Supportive Housing Community Health Centre
(Fall 2009)

Primary Care
BP Clinics
Good Food Box
Stroke Survivors
Smoking Cessation
Telemedicine Hospice Kawartha Lakes
(April 2011)

Palliative Care
Bereavement Support
Support for Caregivers
Lending Library Low Income Dental Services
(Fall 2011)

Affordable dentistry services geared to low-income individuals and families All Community Health Centres have an explicit mandate to serve the health needs of patients with barriers to access to care. What is Telemedicine? Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is... One of the world’s largest and most active Telemedicine networks
An independent, not-for profit organization funded by the Government of Ontario OTN protects all personal health information consistent with the requirements of the
Personal Health Information Protection Act (2004) OTN is available virtually everywhere in Ontario Used by physicians, allied HCPs, health care organizations, patients, and families to collaboratively deliver programs & services at more than 1,400 sites using 2,600 telemedicine systems So what's Telederm? Otn.teledermSF® Allows providers to send photographs of skin conditions to an Ontario-based dermatologist
The dermatologist reviews the file on-line and provides a diagnosis and treatment plan to the referrer
- psoriasis
- eczema
- skin cancer
- acne Specialty Care use of Telederm Most commonly used for initial consults and follow–ups
Use of VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) to transfer referral and photos to dermatologist Telemedicine Coordinator will... professionally obtain dermatologic photos
ensure referral and dermatologic photos connect with a consultant
deliver results in a timely manner Benefits to the provider...
quicker access to dermatologists
the service is free to referrers
enhance patient outcomes Benefits to patient...
timely diagnosis and treatment
reduced cost and inconvenience of travel
improved access to care
care closer to home How do I make a Telederm referral? Take home message... Telemedicine continues to expand throughout Ontario
Telederm is a simple process offered to better serve your patients Questions? Thank you for your time! Think about your patients with...
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