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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

No description

Emily Randall

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Stardust by Neil Gaiman
What qualifies as a fairytale?
Gaiman and Feminism
Strong Female characters
Women propel story
Victoria- stereotypical
Yvaine- voice of reason; strong willed
Lady Una- wise mother
Witches- powerful, evil
Female rulers of Stormhold
Victorian Fairy Tale:
prose narrative
hero goes on quest/adventure
encounters supernatural entities
lives happily ever after
About the Author: Neil Gaiman
Born November 10, 1960 in Portchester, UK to David and Sheila Gaiman
Started writing career as a journalist
Started doing collaborations for graphic novels
Writes books for children and adults
Was affiliated with Scientology
David Gaiman the head of the UK branch of Scientology
Gaiman claims he is no longer a member
Previously married to Mary McGrath; has 3 kids
Currently married to Amanda Palmer
Now lives in the United States
Differences Between the Book and the Movie
Youth vs. Age
Happy ending
Tristan instead of Tristran
Tristan an Yvaine live together forever in the stars
Yvaine returns home to the sky
Witches have names
No Captain Shakespeare
Witch kills the unicorn
No battle between witches and Tristran
Tristran dies
Lady Una is ruler for a while
Yvaine becomes immortal ruler of Stormhold
Yvaine wants desperately to go back o the stars after Tristran's death
Witches collectively called the Lilim
Nature and women are connected and are oppressed by the patriarchal society.
Yvaine represents both women and nature
Tristran initially treats her as an object for his own gain.
In the end, Yvaine helps Tristran respect both nature and women as he realizes she is her own person.
Charles Vess's illustrations
See annotated bibliographies
A star, yet benevolent and innocent.
Evil and vain
Princes of Stormhold
Power hungry
The Sandman
The Graveyard Book
American Gods
Good Omens
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Written for T.V. shows:
Doctor Who
Newberry Medal
Hugo Award- "Best Novel"
Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Prize
ALA Best Book for Young Adults
Frequently on bestseller lists
Etc, etc, etc.
Adult Fairy Tale
Gaiman's Stardust was written to target 25-60 year old readers.
Believes adults should have fairy tales as well as children
Postmodern Fairy Tale
More realistic ending
Stardust does not end with happily ever after
Tristran dies; Yvaine lives on, yearning for home
Has stronger female characters
To win the heart of Victoria Forester “his one true love,” Tristran Thorn crosses over the wall into the magical land of Faerie to find a fallen star. Little does he know, the star is actually a woman called Yvaine who was knocked out of the sky by a magical royal necklace. Tristran is not the only one in pursuit of the star. Three witches want her heart to gain youth and power, and the princes of Stormhold seek her for the necklace. In the end, the witches are thwarted, the princes are dead, and Tristran falls in love with the star and becomes the rightful ruler of Stormhold.
Imperialism/colonial parallels
Victorian England
The West
Deems themselves superior
Doesn't like foreigners
The East/the Orient
Exotic, mysterious, exciting
Tristran initially enters Faerie in with a imperialistic mindset
He eventually changes his views as he learns more about Yvaine and Faerie
He rejects Wall, and embraces the East
Supernatural Elements
Babylon Candles
Magic Flowers
Talking Trees
Magic Mirror
witches- evil, ugly, powerful, and tyrannical
Tristran and Yvaine-good, innocent, beauty, and benevolent
The old try to gain beauty artificially
vanity and narcissism
male appreciation or selfish desire?
Beauty Economy
Figurative Devices
Lion and the Unicorn
heaven, innocence
comes Elaine and Yvonne
Elaine means "bright, shining one
Yvonne means "yew wood"
"Vain" in her name: she is the object of everyone's desire
Witches come in threes
The Wall: separates reality and fantasy; keeps out foreigners
Talking trees
Chain: looks like necklace
The Lilim: witches are the children of Lilith
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