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Vishalii Suthakar

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Chocolate

The History of
Who Created Chocolate?
The Aztec
How did the Aztec make
- Toast cocoa beans
-Grind the beans
-froth the chocolate by
pouring it from vessel to vessel
-Add flavors
What are cocoa beans?
Dried and thick bean of the theobroma
How did other countries know?

- Aztec started trading with the Mesopotamian
- The Spanish came and took the cocoa beans with them
- In Europe the Spanish started adding flavours to the cocoa beans to give it a sweeter taste
- When Spain tried some chocolate from the Spanish they started using the cocoa beans to make more
- Princess Maria Teresa married King Louie and gave him chocolate as a gift
- After having a high demand for chocolate thousands of people were enslaved to produce cocoa beans
- As the supply increased chocolate started being available to everyone
What did the Aztec use the chocolate?

What did the Aztec use chocolate for?
- They use chocolate as money
- They coated chocolate with spices and serving it up with meat
- To the Aztec chocolate is a beverage
- Chocolate could be used for art. The Aztec used to make carvings out of it
Why was chocolate important to
the Aztec?
Chocolate Today
Today chocolate has been enjoyed as a sweet and
delicate treat.
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