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Informative Speeches

No description

Jenna Hanson

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Informative Speeches

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is an informative speech?
Organizing your speech!
Watch the video. Pay attention to how she organizes her speech. Is it clear?
Watch the video. Pay attention to how she organizes her speech. Is it clear?
Prepare an attention getter:

It is super important to grab the audience's attention.

Interview people p. 91

-open ended questions.
How do you feel about the restaurants in Normal Heights?

Do you think La Jolla is the best neighborhood in SD?
-Scale questions:
How would you rate Del Mar?
poor fair average good excellent

-Multiple Choice
How many neighborhoods in SD have you been to?
a. 1-5
b. 6-10
c. 11-20
d. I have been to ALL of them

Library Research p. 92
Reliable or Unreliable? P. 93-94
Are they good examples or bad examples?
p. 85
Informative Speeches
If you had to leave your home because of zombies, what three things would you bring?
Book Title: Speech Communication Made Simple

Author: Paulette Dane and James C. Wolfe

Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc.


Quote or idea:
According to Paulette Dale and James C. Wolf, "Wikipedia has disadvantages, also. As anyone can edit almost any page, readers can't always be sure of the accuracy of the information."
Internet Research

How can we choose a reliable website
for our presentations? p. 93-94 in your book

a. What is the purpose of the site?
To sell a product?, To persuade?, To educate?, or to trick?

b. Who has the authority of the site?
Who is the author?
How many authors are there?

c. Is the content relevant, up to date and are there references?

d. Is the website objective?
Is the material biased, or does it only give one opinion?

San Diego Neighborhoods!
How to cite a source in a speech!
Some of you may want to use Wikipedia as a source in your speech, but according to Paulette Dale and James Wolf, "Anyone can edit almost any page, readers can't always be sure of the accuracy of the information."
University Heights
Pacific Beach
Mission Beach
East Village
Ocean Beach
Normal Heights
North Park
La Jolla
Del Mar
South Park
Old Town
Golden Hill
Point Loma
Mission Hills

Any speech is informative if it presents information to an audience. A student report, a teacher's lecture and a talk about fire safety at a neighborhood meeting are all examples of types of informative speeches you are likely to hear or give.
1. Ask your audience a seires of rhetorical questions.

What can cost ten dollars or a thousand dollars?
What can be every color of the rainbow?
what can be with you as long as you live?
What can you wear on your arm, your cheek, your leg, or even your back?
Tell a story.

A guard took me in to a square room with no lights. The room was so black. I couldn't even see my own feet. All of a sudden, a hidden electric wall closed behind me. There was no way out. I thought I was in a tomb. All at once, bright lights came on. I was surrounded by
on all four sides.
3. State a surprising fact.

You can get almost anything you
want without cash! And you can begin today!

4. State a well-known quotation.

You can catch more bees with honey.
Prepare a preview:

State the purpose and the subpoints after the attention getter.
My purpose today is to tell you what to do in the event of a hurricane. I will cover three main points.

A. First, how to prepare for a hurricane.
B. Second, what safety measure to take during a hurricane.
C. Third, what to do after the storm is over.
Prepare a the body:

Main point I
A. Sub point of I
B. Sub point of I

Main point II
A. Sub point of II
B. Sub point of II

Main point III
A. Sub point of III
B. Sub point of III
Prepare the summary:

Remind the audience of what they heard
Final Remarks:

The speech needs an ending with something that leaves the audience thinking.

They can be:
-a story
-a quotation
-rhetorical questions
Martin Luther King ended his "I have a Dream" speech with:

"Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last.
Well, I have given you information on how to prepare for a hurricane, what safety measures to take and what do to when the storm is over.
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