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The Benefits Of Being On a Team Sport

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corey plakosh

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of The Benefits Of Being On a Team Sport

The Benefits Of Being On a Team Sport
By: Corey Plakosh
Why Its Beneficial
Team Sports help adolescents later in life. being on a sports team gives many kids the confidants that they are going to win. Therefore, helping them getting through obstacles of life.
Thank you!

Physically Helpful
Physical activity helps adolescents and adults heart rate and weight, leading to a healthy life down the road. Not only does it help your weight, but also your endurance. Higher endurance helps you do more things in life.
Mentally Helpful
"Any parent knows that a child can be extremely egocentric. But that “my way or the highway” attitude will have to stay in check on a team sport. When a kid sees that everyone gets to play, they hopefully start to think about the group as a whole, and not just themselves. Even better, they learn to be happy for other player’s successes because they see how it benefits the team." This information means team sports give the you the mental ability to be in a better mood.
Academical ability
Once kids experience a nice coach, the are estatic to learn from them. Kids will soon adapt to there own teachers and want to learn from them, bringing there academical ability up and there grades higher.
You did it! You played a team sport and learned! You are physically fit, have a better attitude, and your grades are up! Congrats!
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