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History of High Heels

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Brooke Ryan

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of History of High Heels

Prism Heels
HIgh Heels
Medieval Europeans wore wooden-soled patten shoes, which were ancestors to contemporary high heels. The formal invention of high heels as fashion is typically attributed to the rather short-statured Catherine de Medici who at 14 was engaged to the Duke of Orleans. She created 2 inch heels to appear to have a more towering physique.
Types of High Heels
a round heel that is broad at the sole of the shoe and narrower at the point of contact with the ground
a short, slim heel with max height of 2 inches
three flat sides that form a triangle at the point of contact with the ground
thick square block heel approximately 2 inches in diameter and height
spool or louis
: broad where it meets the sole and at the point of contact with the ground; noticeably narrower at the midpoint
a tall, slim heel with minimum height of 2 inches and small diameter at ground contact
occupies the entire space under the arch and heel portions of the foot.
Cone Heels
Kitten Heels
High Heels
High-heeled footwear is footwear that raises the heel of the wearer's foot significantly higher than the toes. High heels tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, more slender legs. A "low heel" is considered less than 2.5 inches, while heels between 2.5 and 3.5 inches are considered "mid heels", and anything over that is considered a "high heel".
Puppy Heels
Spool Heels
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