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The Wonderful WWW... An insight into my PLE!

A look into my Personal Learning Environment... All the best bits and how I choose to use them.

hannah ward

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Wonderful WWW... An insight into my PLE!

University of Leeds Portal The wonderful VLE Where most of my productive internet time is spent..
Providing any announcements from lecturers and such (useful for the forgetful kind like me)
Also information and learning resources on each of my modules. Email For contacting all those important people to discuss such things as;
personal tutorials, coursework issues and a generaly chat if neccessary? Google... ...the nations favourite search engine! Facebook... ...The nations favourite distraction? A place where students such as myself upload photos, discuss work and chat chat chat to friends.
Perfect if you are looking for a place to keep in contact with friends and family from home or even as the ultimate distraction from the more important things in life. If so the facebook profile accompanied by fb chat is the place. My Facebook page. Wikipedia Regularly used for those terms I don't quite understand. Also good to obtain general background information on topics when researching. To search for any other website I ever need A day in the life of my PLE...
Hannah Alise Ward. What I find to be the most useful available revision tool are the practise MCQ question offering instant feedback. Youtube Not only for music videos...
but can be used to obtain videos for presentations,
such as my wiki site on the posterior pituatry gland... www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLeBNyB1qKU
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