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Real Estate

No description

Matsuoka Misa

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Real Estate

Real Estate Products
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Change your Perspective in Real Estate Investing !
Identify opportunities in real estate strategically major urban area
commonly referred to as land banking, capitalizes on population growth trends as city centres expand their borders to help accommodate the increasing demand for developable land in the surrounding areas. It is the process of 'banking' your money in undeveloped lands which are strategically located and awaiting the upcoming residential, commercial and/or industrial development. Our syndicated offerings pool the investors' capital to acquire and manage large parcels of land. It offers the investors direct ownership to the lands as collateral, with no liability for debt. Our offerings provide you, the investor, with a secure wealth building strategy that may otherwise be out of reach financially.
All of products are
- strategically located lands
-secured lending to local builders
-partaking in a residential/commercial development projects
The condo market in Toronto has seen a boom in last few years due to some factors.
By categorizing the different types of real estate projects at it's various stage
we create platforms allowing investors to participate in these projects using both registered and non-registered accounts
In the wake of the financial crisis, real assets have become a dependable asset class that can help insulate portfolios from the volatile stock markets
Syndicate Mortgage investments have become the ideal strategy for investors looking for better returns on their retirement savings. With all the turmoil currently surrounding the financial markets, Canadian Real Estate continues to provide investors with a safe refuge.

Syndicate Mortgage is where several investors choose and collectively fund one mortgage instrument. It is a mortgage provided to blue chip developers and builders looking to build homes, townhomes, condos and/or mixed-use developments. It is a truly unique offering that gives Canadians access to large scale real estate development, where your principal capital is fully secured as a mortgage against the subject property. Not only do you enjoy steady interest on your capital along the way but where available, a deferred lender fee will enhance the overall interest earnings at the end of your term. For investors looking for fixed terms, defined horizons and security of investment capital, Syndicate Mortgages may be the right choice for you!
Participation in our Development Offerings provides individual investors the safe haven of owning quality real estate in partnership with the best-in-class developers. Investors and the development partners become co-owners of prime land for the immediate purpose of selling and manufacturing residential, commercial and/or retail units.
Partner with top developers
Take title to prime real estate, typically with no debt
Share in development profits on a 50/50 basis
No additional capital investment ever required
All required zoning and building approvals are in place when opportunities are presented to investors. Up until now, this type of opportunity has only been available to large financial institutions such as pension plans, hedge funds and governments.
At Baytree, we are pleased to present these opportunities to our retail investors!
Our Focus in Wealth Management
On average, real estate continually out-performs almost all other investments and is strengthened further by its long-term value, secured by physical assets. They are appropriate for inclusion in most diversified portfolios - with their proportion dependent on the investor's risk tolerance and preferences - because of their relatively low correlation with financial assets, such as stocks and bonds. They are particularly well-suited for inflationary times like today, because of their tendency to outperform financial assets during these periods.
Low interest rate environment
High volatility in the stock markets
Challenges to investors in managing risks and preserving wealth
Single family homes are in short supply in downtown area hence the prices for the same are sky rocketing.
People are looking for more economical options and condos have proved to be the obvious, and frankly only choice.
The demography Canada is changing at a fast rate, 20 to 44 years , which is target market for condos is growing at faster rate compared with other metros from developed countries.
Toronto Condominium are a safe-heaven for foreign investment and a secure place to see their money appreciate over time
To provide the boost to this sector, Goverment has adopted a policy of lower interest.
The Canadian Goverment is keep on preserving the green land. This has led to additional floor on existing condos. Essentially , in downtown Toronto, there is no such think as a Greenfield.
Investors looked at it as a high return investment compared to capital market.
Investors could get high returns as rent are high interest rates are low.
Permanent Residents Admitted in 2010
1.Philippines 36,578
2.India 30,252
3.China 30.197
2000: Condos made up less than 20% of all housing starts,
roughly 30,000 condos under constraction

2012: Condos accounted more than 40% of all housing
starts,nearly 130,000 apartment units under
Lack of land to build on in some urban centress and land-use policy favoring densification in some parts of the country has forced development skywards.
How to succeed your
wealth management ?
With all the turmoil currently surrounding the financial markets, Major Pension funds and large investors are shifting away from volatile capital markets, such as stocks and bonds, towards real estate and infrastructure.
Baytree can offer you three types of real estate products.
way to success →
and plus.......
-We can sell condos much cheaper price than market average

-We choose good locations and units

-We guarantee rental management problems such as maintenance , tenants and rents.
Money works for you
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