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Oedipus Presentation

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Meagan Chalfen

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Oedipus Presentation

Oedipus The King
He is known as the master of tragedy. Many of his plays have people that are fighting against fate and are having a hard time. 7 out of 100 of his plays survived. Sophocles even participated in his own plays. He won 1st place in the Dionysus festival 18 times.

More About Sophocles
Oedipus the King is Sophocles most famous play. Sophocles changed theater, he added a background, more actors and he made the chorus more involved in the plays. In 406 BC Sophocles died at the age of 90. Sophocles was a important person not only to greek plays but to theater around the world.
The Greeks were believed to have formulated a true democracy. Although the society was more on the patriarchal side. Power was mainly held by males , and whoever the king was, which was Oedipus. This is showed in the play Oedipus the King.
Sophocles' Biography
He was born in 496BC in Colonus, A village that's located outside of Athens. Sophocles was born into wealth, his father was a successful merchant. He had his own business. He also had a strong education background, he even had musical talent. He could sing, he sang after the battle of Salamis.
Sophocles was once a priest and a leader of the Athens military. He was also an actor. He was married two times and had two sons. Sophocles was elected into office during times of war. Sophocles also fought against the spartan army.
Political Aspect

Mount Cithaeron or Kithairon is the mountain in which Oedipus was left to die. It is a famous mountain in Greek mythology. It's a border between Athens and Thebes. Also it was a holy place where Dionysus was worshiped and festivals were held there.
Theater was really important in Greek culture and politics. It brought the people together and it created a unity between each other. Everyone could go and enjoy the theater, poor and wealthy. There are different types of plays for example; drama, comedy, tragedy and satyr.
Themes in Oedipus the King
Fate and free will is a very important theme in the play. No matter what Oedipus did to avoid fate he ended up fulfilling his fate. Also blindness and sight is mentioned through out the play. Oedipus is mentally blind and Tieresias is physically blind for example but he knows more than Oedipus. That there is more than one way to see.
Interesting facts about Oedipus
Oedipus the King is known for being one of Sophocles greatest plays, but it wasn't a play that won first place. Oedipus has many different versions some of which were written by Aristotle and Sigmund Freud based his theory "Oedipus Complex" off of the play Sophocles had written.
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