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Why you should adopt a new pet persuasive speech

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River Garza

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Why you should adopt a new pet persuasive speech

Saving America's dogs and cats
Choose to adopt dogs and cat's for a better

What will happen to these lost animals
if they are not adopted?

Let's start adopting!
Adopting your new pet!
Facts to know about about the adoption process
Saving and enhancing lives one family at a time...
Where do these stray dogs and cats come from?
How adopting a pet can benefit and enhance your life!
adopt me!
Adopting an adult pet
Why adopting pets is
the better alternative.
-Do something selfless and adopt a dog or cat instead of buying them.

-Acquiring a new puppy or kitten is nice, however the feeling of saving a dog or cat from a shelter can be even more rewarding for a person.

-Feel good and realize that by adopting, it is bettering the animals and the community.
-Adult dogs are generally calmer and already trained.

-The stress of training a young pet can be tedious and

-There might be a cheaper purebred that you've
always wanted! Consider yourself lucky because a purebred could cost in the ranges of $600-$2000!
I can fetch too!
-Dogs and cats that are not adopted out are euthanized
via lethal injection.

-This has to be done because shelters can not overpopulate themselves and have to make room for new animals to come in.

-These precious lives are wasted due to people not rescuing but instead buying new pets.
-The dogs and cats that wind up in shelters come from all places and walks of life.

-They can be strays that were living on the streets until someone notified animal control.

-They can also be someone's pet that got loss the previous day!

-Wouldn't it be sad for them to pass away just because they were lost?

-Adoption is a easy process!
-Simply find your local shelter or humane society
-Browse the kennels to decide on which dog or cat to adopt.
-After choosing your new family member, fill the paperwork and pay the adoption fee and they are now part of your family!
-When adopting a new animal, the prices of adopting a dog can range around $50-$200.

-Cats are generally cheaper to adopt.

-All animals are neutered or spaded, free of charge before you adopt.
Healthy and happy animals should not be put down!
This is why choosing the adoption alternative to acquire a new pet is one of the better choices to choosing a new family pet for any person.

If more and more people could adopt and rescue animals from animal shelters, the world would definitely be truly happier and selfless place.
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