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WA Food System

Workspace used to play around with ideas and issues facing Washington state's food system

Tim Crosby

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of WA Food System

Washington State
Food System Policy Production Markets Environment Research Maps Articles Federal State County Links Region Retail Wholesale Direct Formal Informal Farm Fruits Vegetables Grains Dairy Ranch Beef Hog Chicken Fryers Eggs Urban Anecdotal Welfare Social Access Health Farmers
Markets Farm to
Institution Trade Barter Swap Glean Chickens Seattle Backyard Gardens Parking Strips Local Food Action Initiative Zoning Land Air Water Carbon Projects Support Markets Financing Jobs Economic Development Waste Compost Emissions Cost Food
Recovery Toxins Runoff Equity CSAs Food Policy Task Force Agencies: WSDA, DOH, DSHS, OSPI, Conservation
NGOs: Good Food Coalition, Access to Healthy Foods Coalition Local Farms Healthy Kids Bid procurement, F2S Coordinator, WGFFV, FM Tech Fertilizers Landfills Puget Sound Regional Council Farm Bill Child Nutrition and
WIC Reauthorization Act Agencies: USDA, FDA, Health, SBA, Labor Food Safety Act Kitsap Food and Farm Policy Council Prisons Projects Seattle Public Utilities
Meals on Wheels NGOs http://www.wafood.org Reports Why Local Linkages Matter
http://sustainableseattle.org/Programs/localfoodeconomy/ http://delicious.com/timcrosby/research The Van Asselt Story Serving healthy snacks in schools could
improve academic performance and
reduce overall costs (truancy vs. nutrition). http://environmentalpriorities.org/local-farms Schools Farm labor
Retail Price Nutrition Clark County Food System Council http://www.clark.wa.gov/public-health/about/foodsystemscouncil.html Tahoma Food Policy Coalition (Pierce) http://www.tahomafoodpolicy.org/ Cowlitz County Food Policy Council http://psrc.org/ http://kitsapfoodchain.org/ Alley Cat Acres Urban Farm Coop Crop Mobs Products http://www.urbanfarmhub.org/ Opportunities for Increasing Access to Healthy Foods in Washington
http://depts.washington.edu/waaction/tools/featured_resources/access_report.html Food Systems and Public Health: Linkages to Achieve Healthier Diets and Healthier Communities
http://bit.ly/97ad8R Resources Global UNFAO International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development http://ictsd.org/programmes/agriculture/ International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council http://www.agritrade.org/ http://www.fao.org/
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