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Qualities of a Superior Marine

The Qualities of a Superior Marine.

Jessica Andrew

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Qualities of a Superior Marine

Qualities of a Superior Marine Think of the Marine corps as the ground army for the Navy because the USMC works in the water, in the air, and on land. What is the marine corps? The Marine Corps has been around since 1775. They were founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In these 237 years they have exhibited tremendous amounts of leadership and physical strength. WHat represents the marine corps? The Marine Corps emblem represents what the Marine Corps is about. The Eagle representing in the air. The Anchor for at sea. The globe is for anywhere in the world. There are two skills that really make a superior Marine, leadership and physical strength. There are 11 leadership principles and 14 leadership traits (http://www.marines.com/being-a-marine/leadership-principles) 11 Leadership Principles 1. Be technically and tactically proficient 2. Know yourself and seek self improvement 3. Know your Marines and look out for their welfare 4.Keep your Marines informed 5. Set the example 6. Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished. 7. Train your Marines as a team 8. Make sound and timely decisions 9. Develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinates 10. Employ your unit in accordance with its capabilities 11. Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions There are also 14 Ledership Traits 1. Justice 2. Judgment 3. Dependability 4. Initiative 5. Decisiveness 6. Tact 7. Integrity 8. Enthusiasm 9. Bearing 10. Unselfishness 11. Courage 12. Knowledge 13. Loyalty 14. Endurance In addition to leadership skills there is also physical strength needed. In the Marine Corps there is a 12 week training course for prospective enlisted personnel. A.K.A. Basic Training. In weeks 3-6 recruits experience a lot of physical learning. It's when the real work starts. Week 3 recruits get familiar with a bayonet. A bayonet is a knife that attaches to a rifle. Strength, leadership, communication, and an extreme amount of effort is what it takes to be a United States Marine. Week 4 recruits battle each other with pugil sticks. Pugil sticks are big padded sticks that recruits use to build up physical strength and encourage competition. At week 5 recruits learn the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program(MCMAP). At week 6 they learn how to face their fears and they do rappelling. In the end, the recruits EARN the title United States Marine when they graduate basic training at either MCRD San Diego or Parris Island, NC. In weeks 1-3 recruits get an idea of what marine life really is and how to discipline themselves in becoming a United States Marine. They learn life in the barracks with a D.I. (Drill Instructor) yelling at them every 5 seconds. There are two important skills needed to become a superior Marine. Tremendous physical strength and brilliant leadership.
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