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China Prezi

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Jared Price

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of China Prezi

The Peoples Republic of China
Guandong, once a thriving agricultural producing province, has shifted its economy and become known as the worlds factory.
This economic shift has generated countless jobs and provides a much more comfortable way of life.
The change from farm to factory has left many cities within the province completely dependent on imported grain and rice causing potential food shortages in the very near future
Not only have the Grain
producers left to work
in factories, but many who remain have taken to growing bananas instead of grain and rice because they earn twice as much for their yield, which further fuels food shortages.

China is the 3rd largest country in the world as far as physical landmass and is #1 in population as of the 2011 census.
Though China has more people than any other country, and accounts for 19% of the population of the world, 50% of its land is uninhabited.
An estimated 80% of the population of china live in the central to southwestern regions of the country in large cities such as Guang Zhu, Beijing, and Shanghai, which boasts an urban population of 22 million people.
The chinese public school system is the highest rated in the world now, but has had a rough history.
Chinese schools in accordance with the teachings of Confucius were once focused primarily on philosophy art and culture, and attendance was a means of gaining prestige rather than gaining useful skills in life.
In 1905 the ministry of education was founded to reform education and it did, instead of philosophy and culture, patriotism national pride and civil obedience were implemented as curriculum.
The chinese school system didn't improve until later in the century when dealings with the United States and Europe illustrated to The chinese government the need to train its citizens to be competitive in the industrial world. This new understanding led to real reform and more focus on mathematics, science, and business.
China has come a long way in a short time after their educational reform. China has become a global leader in emerging technologies and manufacturing proccess. From the advent of stainless steel, porcelain, and the bullet train, China is always pushing towards the new.
president Obama and president Xi Jinping met in California on June 7th to discuss and hopefully mitigate further cyber attacks on the U.S.
Recently an NSA contractor
named Edward Snowden got himself on
Uncle Sams Naughty list and sought political
Refuge in China (Irony)

But, like any Good
Game of hide and
seek....He left
And is now seeking
Hiding from Tyrrany
In Russia. (also Ironic)
Both China and Russia
have declined U.S. requests
for extradition.
The President of South Korea, Park Guen-hye, and the president of China, Xi Jenping met in Beijing to discuss North Koreas Recent long range missile tests and more importantly Thier possesion of nuclear weaponry. China(the peoples vounteer army) fought against U.S. forces and South Korea during the Korean war because of cultural and Financial ties with the unified Korea but South Koreas strengthening economy and high trade volume with China, along with the worry over what a radical North Korea might do with a Nuke, have Brought the two countries to a new standing. Park Guen -hye has only been President of South Korea for a few months but speaks Mandarin and is willing to stand up to.........
Kim Jong Un!!!
When you think of China you generally picture something like the picture below.
Or a scenic city view like this one.
But the sad reality is currently the larger cities in China look like this:
China's air is dangerously polluted and getting worse daily. The smog has become so bad that you can see it from space.
Though they arent riding these super cool segways the Chinese military has been deployed as a peacekeeping/protection force in the country of Mali. China is the largest contributor of manpower to the U.N. humanitarian efforts and has deployed 300 infantrymen to protect the engineers and doctors it has on the ground in mali for the purpose of rebuilding their basic infastructure.
CIA factbook
Google images
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