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How well had the Weimar Republic done by 1923?

A GCSE Y10 Task

Laurie Johnston

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of How well had the Weimar Republic done by 1923?

Success or failure? So how was the Weimar Republic doing by 1923? Too many things had gone wrong too often Failure! Over 300 political murders between 1919-1922
Two very serious attempts to overthrow the Republic
Many less serious attempts Political violence and uprisings The Treaty was signed by Weimar
I t was hated by the German people
It took away land, people and resources
It forced Germany to pay reparations The Treaty of Versailles Some things had gone right though! Success! The Weimar Republic had survived two serious attempts to destroy it
The Freikorps saved it from the Spartacists
The Berlin workers saved it from Kapp Survival! Hyperinflation 1923! Recovery! After 1923 Germany recovered
The economy improved
Violence decreased Learning objective: Make a judgement on the Weimar Republic by 1923 Invasion of the Ruhr 1923! When Germany could not pay reparations in 1923 the French invaded
All production stopped in the Ruhr leading to shortages The Weimar Republic printed more money to try and pay its debts but that just led to rising prices and worthless money
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