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Student Mentoring

No description

Fiona Ting

on 23 December 2015

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Transcript of Student Mentoring

Student Mentoring
Meeting your school co-ordinator
After meeting your school co-ordinator, you must attend two mandatory training sessions in October.
This will equip you with the knowledge and understanding needed to begin mentoring.
How can I apply?
To apply, you need to follow the link at the end of this presentation.
Is it for me?
Successful mentors are fantastic communicators, and are able to adapt their approach to different students.

If you are committed and want to help support students at crucial stages in their progression, mentoring is a really rewarding job.

Mentoring requires initiative, a positive approach and the ability to relate to other students.

If you are thinking about teaching in the future, it is a great opportunity to gain experience.
What do they do?
Mentors are placed in either a school or college and work with students from y9-12.
They usually work with 3-4 students each week for 14 weeks approx. November- March.
School and Colleges vary in location around Cheltenham & Gloucester.
Where and how long would I be placed?
Mentors work either 1-1, or with pairs of students who have the potential to go to Higher Education, but who may need some extra guidance and support.

Some tips
Pay attention to the skills section on the job description. Try to answer questions as fully as possible.
If successful, you will be invited to a group interview, via your student email address- it is your responsibility to check this.

Unfortunately we cannot notify unsuccessful applicants.
What do they do?
Is it for me?
How can I apply?

A typical session?
Study skills, Exam prep, Revision techniques, UCAS, CV writing, Target setting, looking at options & Time management are all examples of things you may work on.
By agreeing any targets that the student would like to set, you can help them work towards achieving their goals.
If successful at interview stage, you will be put in contact with your school co-ordinator. They will be your main point of contact and you will need to meet them, as they will show you where you will be mentoring and answer any of your questions at this stage.
We aim to give you as much notice as possible of the date/time.
DBS Check
All mentors
have a current DBS for UOG, we will provide this if you are successful. If you have one for your course, you will not need another.
And finally...
We hope that you are excited by this opportunity and wish to apply for the role! If you would like to apply please follow this link:


If you have any questions, email:

Good luck!
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