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The Best and The Worst

No description

Jonathan Gibson

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of The Best and The Worst

Nebraska Cornhuskers a team that is undervalued managed to slip their way into the number three spot with many shocking victories against many formidable opponents.
The Best #3
The Ole Miss Rebels with the number one spot in the College leaders board rankings. They are put in front of every other team, with their key victories against Auburn and Mississippi State.
The Best #1
The TCU Horned Frogs have proved that they can manage their way to one of the best teams in their conference. With the "Big Wins" against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State just off the bat, that almost puts them in the lead.
The Best #2
The Connecticut Huskies, an underdog to most, only averages about 12.3 points per game. They are considered one of the most helpless teams in the conference.
The Worst #1
Florida State Seminoles could be one of the best teams in the country,but this season they are not simply covering the way they should.
The Worst #2
Coming in at the number 3 slot for the worst college football teams are the SMU Mustangs. With an average of only 6.5 points per game, and a loss of 48 brings them to the worst team in their conference.
The Wost #3
The Best and The Worst
College Football Teams of 2014
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