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Tourist Infoline Riga

Tourist Infoline is a unique tourism solution having no equivalent in the world and consisting of three integrated products.

Azuaz Group

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Tourist Infoline Riga

We offer business consultations, requirement analysis and development of like-for-like products to all city councils and/or tourism organizations:
IVR systems, virtual guided 360 degree tours, and audio guide systems separately or in the form of an integrated solution. Tourist Infoline Riga Tourist Infoline Riga Integrated Touristic Solution This unique tourism solution has no equivalent in the world and consists of THREE integrated products. Telephone IVR system allows switching between sightseeing tours of Riga Historic Center. It offers listening to 13 three minute stories in 16 different languages. A virtual guided city tour of Riga Historic Center offers two different versions of excursions at touristinfoline.com - via Internet or an extended excursion integrated with an open telephone line. The Three Products Call us for more information Tourist Infoline Riga 2 1 3 http://touristinfoline.com call +371 27772888 Tourist Infoline mp3 players
with Riga sightseeing tours in 16 languages. This audio guide has prerecorded analog of the tours in telephonic infoline. type touristinfoline.com buy and listen to it In order to make this product known to end users 16 advertising stands (A3) have been installed in the most notorious places in the Old Town of Riga. These stands are a good eye-stopper and can be used to advertise other products and services. Ažuaž Pictures production
all rights reserved to Ažuaž Pictures
phones: + 371 67548652, GSM 29535888
e-mail: info@touristinfoline.com Sightseeing tours were recorded at audio studios by native speakers of respective languages. The virtual tour also offers an opportunity to advertise other products and services. You can place your commercial information under the ”i“ (information) sign or add new panoramas of your business Call to get informed how to proceed with a story in your native language. There are NO additional charges for the phone call.
Local calls will be charged at home operator's rate (average LVL 0.02 - 0.04 /min).
International calls from EU - at the Eurotariff rate (from 1 July 2012 - € 0.32/min).
You pay only for the call to the Latvian mobile network Master Telecom. These sightseeing tours are based upon the most interesting legends and facts of early history of Riga.
The map can be used to advertise other products and services. The Tourist Infoline mp3 player with Riga sightseeing tours in 16 languages. This audio guide contains prerecorded files similar to telephone infoline tours.
Tourist Infoline mp3 players are offered by souvenir shops and can be also used as a gift at official meetings. Take a virtual tour of the historical centre of the Latvian capital Riga whilst sitting in front of your computer. Internet and a phone is all you need to become a virtual tourist in Riga.
These virtual guided tours will also help disabled persons all over the world feel themselves less socially excluded. Tourist Infoline ™ Business Proposal
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