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3GirlzandA_Book on Wattpad!

Check us out on Twitter @3GirlzandA_Book!! This is a guide to all our books! HOPE U READ AND ENJOY!!!! <3 ;D xoxo @3GirlzandA_Book

Natalija Vasiljevic

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of 3GirlzandA_Book on Wattpad!

BOOKS @3GirlzandA_Book Niall Horan's Real (Fake)
Girlfriend The Very Last Time Complaining is a good way to start a conversation The NHRFG Sequel:
Picking Up The Pieces COMING SOON TO YOUR
One Shots!!!! One Direction Books!!!! This is for Directioners and Directionaters!!!!
DESCRIPTION: Emberly Mitchells was your average
18 year old, that is until she went to London and became Niall Horan's girlfriend. But she was only being used as a step in the "master plan". Will things go as planned or take a little detour? END OF DESCRIPTION. This book has the most reads of the ones we've posted and we hope you'll enjoy and read it too! We are currently in the making of a sequel
starring a special friend.... ;D Comment vote fan and read on Wattpad or search Google at: @3GirlzandA_Book MUCH LOVE TO OUR FANS!!! This story is not a fanfiction but involves a little
romance. ;) Rosalie is at home waiting for her boyfriend when he butt dials her- on a date with one
of her friends. YIKES! She dumps him of course but
life gets interesting when Rosalie and her best friend
move to Cali for new start... into their final years of high school. With drama starring girls and boys, these two girls will have to fit in or stand out and realize life is all about making things right. Meet Olivia Reid. Girl but is a tomboy. She hangs out
with guys all the time and doesn't mind what the rest of her gossip mill high school thinks about her. Her life gets twisted upside down when the "New Kid" Luke comes to school, dissing her faster than you could say, "a". Soon she realizes her heart expanding
and making room for him. Will she be able to make him feel the same, or will her problems get in the way? The following books are still under wraps on our Wattpad create tab but soon enough revealed when the time comes! Keep going cause we know your tempted! Go on you know you wanna know..

OK GO! :D ;) This will be the sequel to Niall Horan's Real (Fake) Girlfriend! This will star a special somebody who is close to 1D in real life! Oh yes, another fanfic for all you directioners and directionators out there! :D ;)
<3 It's going to tell the lives of all the couple years later with a new main couple to twist it in.. DRAMA IS GUARANTEED! This will be before the actual sequel. This will just be
how they're are married, the proposals, kids, that sort of thing. It's not a book just mini stories to get you warmed up to our characters new lives! <3 :D We have done a Niall book but we wanna do all 5!
We'll only give you Louis! ;)
Louis: Back In Time Other MAYBE
books These include: Romeo and Juliet-Modern Day, Dead Cause Of You, and we might even get published (IM NOT JOKING FOR REAL THIS BOOK WILL PROBS BE IN BOOKSTORES! :D Open Eyes. And there might be sequels!

Thanks for reading guys, hope you check us out! <3 :D WE LUV YA! XOXO
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