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A Thousand Splendid Suns

No description

Meredith S

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns
A Thousand Splendid Suns
By Khaled Hosseini
Literary Devices
"He spoke through the door and promised that he would come back" (166).
Nana kills herself because her child leaves her, while Mariam allows herself to be killed so that her 'children' can leave her.
"Meet our real masters...The Taliban are puppets. These are the big players and Afghanistan is their playground" (274).
"Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman" (7).
"God has made us differently, you women and us men. Our brains are different. You are not able to think like we can. Western doctors and their science have proven this. This is why we require only one male witness but two female witness" (324).
"And so Laila's life suddenly revolved around finding ways to see Aziza. Half the time, she never made it to the orphanage. Crossing the street, she was spotted by the Taliban and riddled with questions.....if she was lucky she was given a tongue-lashing or a single kick to the rear, a show in the back. Other times, she met with assortments of wooden clubs, fresh tree branches, short whips, slaps, often fists. Laila refused to cave in. She made as if she were going home, then took a different route down side streets. Sometimes she was caught, questioned, scolded- two, three, even four times in a single day" (285-286).
Theme in real life
Presentation by Rreze Grajcevci, Julie Longfritz, Sarah Soja, Meredith Starrett, and Melissa Stumper
Personal Connection
Laila --- Meredith
Personal Connection
Tariq --- Julie
Personal Connection
Mariam --- Rreze
Personal Connection
Aziza --- Sarah
Personal Connection
Fariba --- Melissa
Final Insight and Reflection
Supportive parents/elders
Laila's parents encourage her to follow her dreams
My parents support all of my decisions
Caring for others
Laila sacrifices for her children
I participate in charity and care for my friends and family
Meredith's Narrative
Tariq is determined to overcome his physical disability
I'm determined to get good grades and do well in running

Never Loses hope of finding Laila and living a happy life
I have a positive outlook
Rreze's Narrative
Extra Credit Video
Movie trailer created by Meredith and Rreze
Note: PLEASE ignore the advertisement box at the bottom of the screen.
Willing to do difficult things to help others:
After Rasheed's shoe shop burned down, Aziza goes to live at the orphanage to help her family
I try to do what I can to help other people, even if it's difficult
Friendly and accepts others easily:
When Laila tells Aziza who her real father is, she accepts him easily and loves him right away
I get along with people well
Women face oppression in different forms, yet are able to overcome these obstacles by having strength and courage.
It had been two years since we had last gone to Kosovë, our native land. My parents decided it was a great day to learn some of the history behind the war which led them to the decision of leaving what they knew behind. The sun beat down upon our shoulders as we made our way to the memorial. Flowers of every shade and color lined the park. There was a choice of three differently crafted bridges to cross, all of them led to the graves of fifty-eight innocent men, women, and children who died in the attack on Prekaz. Two soldiers with solemn expressions and straight postures guarded the white marble tombstones etched with the names of those killed. The memorial was for Adem Jashari, a war hero known by Albanians for fighting for his state till the end and losing his life and most of his family members in the struggle for independence. “He was given the chance to surrender yet refused to let his state down” elaborated the tour guide with pride.
Unfair wages
Unequal representation in Congress/government
Nurses Laila back to health after she survived the bombing and takes care of Aziza and Zalmai
I participate in community service and help family and friends
Defends and protects those she loves
Mariam defends Laila verbally and physically from Rasheed's abuse
I verbally defend my friends and family when necessary
At last the city was serene. My father and I had circumvented the crowd in the
scene of pubs along the Thames as we exited the theatre after seeing the compelling performance, Blood Brothers. We concluded that we would walk a few blocks to escape the madness in order to catch a cab. Yet within the blink of an eye, five minutes turned into forty-five minutes and just a few blocks turned into a few miles. The streets of London had

us. We had forgotten the extremity of the twenty degree weather and the omnipresent essence of smoke that most every city possesses. We had become immune to the infinite stream of wind weaving through the narrow avenues of the business district. Even as the clock struck midnight, the city was as magnificent as ever.

Makes sacrifices for the good of her family
After acknowledging the oppression of the Taliban, Fariba finally agrees to move
I always put my family first and make decisions that would benefit them as well as myself
Cares for those she loves
Stays bedridden after her sons, Ahmad and Noor, die while fighting
I respect what my family has given me and value the impacts they have had on my life
Although women face many difficulties around the world today, they still find the will to push forward due to their inner strength and courage
"But we’re like those walls up there. Battered, and nothing to look at, but still standing" (149).
“One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand splendid suns that hid behind her walls" (392).
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