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Suspense in Literature

No description

Teresa Cantu

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Suspense in Literature

Think about the scariest movie or TV show you have EVER seen...
What made it scary? The setting? The characters? The music? The situation?
Types of Suspense
Authors use different strategies and techniques to create suspense in their stories.

Today we will focus on 6
Time: Makes the pressure last by using a ticking clock device or drawing out time. Worried thoughts can also help emphasize the time.
Creates a space between the character and his or her goal. The need to reach a faraway destination (physical) or goal (abstract).
A dangerous environment can create immediate tension and anxiety for the audience.

What is it?
Creating Suspense in Texts
Suspense happens when an author creates a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen.
1.) Time
2.) Distance
3.) Thoughts
4.) Setting
5.) Isolation
6.) Disaster
Authors show that characters worry or have them show us the tension through their thoughts.
Creates a situation where there is danger around the main character but he/she is also isolated.
Creates a disaster, either small or large — for your characters such as a tornado or a sudden loss of transportation.
Directions: Using your English Notebook, write down the definition for SUSPENSE. As you review each slide, write down each definition, watch each video, then EXPLAIN HOW this is an example of this type of suspense.
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