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Iditarod-Extra Credit

With Sanya R.

Lily Vo

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Iditarod-Extra Credit

Link #3
Link #7
Link #9
Link #5
Iditarod WebQuest
By: Lily Vo and Sanya Ranjan
1) On the home page, who won the 2013 Jr. Iditarod Race?
2) Go to the Archives.
3) Click on 1986
4) Who won the Jr. Iditarod race in 1986?
Link #1
Link #8
Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the Iditarod!
How well did you do?
Link #2
1) What dogs are used to race in the Iditarod? (Paragraph 2)
2) In paragraph 3, what did Runyan compare a 16- dog sled team?
Link #4
1) Click on the section, "The Dogs".
2) Scroll down to the A Team.
3) Click on Clyde.
4) How much does Clyde weigh?
1) Scroll down to the “Alaskan Iditarod” video.
2) Watch the video.
3) Find the caption of the video.
4) What is the Iditarod compared to in Alaska?
Link #6
***Extra Credit***
1) Scroll down and click on, "Checkpoints"

1) On the menu bar, click on “race center”.
2) Then click on “Iditarod photo gallery”.
3) From looking at the photos, what can you make out from the weather conditions in Alaska?
1) In what month does the Iditarod take place?
2) How long is the trail?
3) How many dogs are on each sled?
4.) Who is the person driving the sled called?
1) What prize does the winning musher get?
2) What is another name for the Iditarod?
3) How long does the race last?
2) How many checkpoints are in total?
1) In the first paragraph, where does the race start?
2) Where does it end?
3) In paragraph 3, when was the first Iditarod race?
4) In the first paragraph, what does the last musher to cross the finish line, win?
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