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Our Story...

Countrywide Company Story Line

Andrea Gibson

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Our Story...

...Our Story
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
... that's more than the total value of all the homes in Liverpool, Manchester, Leicester and Glasgow combined.
... a local company that agrees a sale every 1.6 minutes
Can you imagine
having all that expertise
on your side and
working for you?
When it comes to property,
local knowledge is so important.

Well, you don't need to imagine anymore...
That local company is called
Or you may know us as:
In fact, we have more than 50 fantastic local brands....
We share your passion about where you live, your community, your local shops, your schools....
... and our colleagues are as committed as you are to supporting local businesses
Can you imagine being able to work with a local property services company that sold £18.6bn worth of property last year?
If local knowledge is important, then earning your trust is vital. Our entire business is built on your trust.

We know that your trust is hard won and easily lost........
The secret to our success is that we begin with a single clear goal....

... and that is to take time (as long as it takes) to truly understand your needs
We are also commercial property specialists and our colleagues at Lambert Smith Hampton work with everyone from the local butcher to the BBC!
We are dedicated to being the best property services company in the UK
We have the UK's largest estate agency and lettings network
We are one of the leading suppliers
of residential valuations in the UK
We are the biggest
conveyancing business
We manage the most rental properties in the UK
We earn your trust by only ever presenting you with the most ethical and highly trained property professionals.

Our commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency is the foundation block of our business and it is present in everything we do.
We do exactly what we say we will

...we stay in touch with you...
...we build our business by truly understanding your needs...
...we meet and exceed your expectations
...we are always restless
...we are relentless
...we love to revolutionise standards
in the property industry
... we don't follow a formula

... we always look for new opportunities
... we constantly innovate
... we co-founded Rightmove, as long ago as Y2K
... we have been innovating ever since by embracing technology and investing in our people
(that fills Wembley Stadium 5x)
... operating from 1,400 branches..
...a local company that carries out 150 surveys every hour
...a local company that registered 450,000 tenant applications in 2014
... we employ 12,000 people
... working the length and breadth of the UK, for you
.... so, the secret is out
Are we worried?
We innovate...

We are the largest land and new homes agency in the UK...
so, why buy a car that sounds like a Volkswagen....
...where others imitate
...when you can buy a Volkswagen
so, when it comes to property,
let us do the hard stuff...
it's what we do,
and we do it better than anyone else!!
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