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Visit California

Deconstruction of the Visit California commercials.

Hayley Huchton

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Visit California

Visit California By: Hayley Huchton Packaging "as a term draws attention to the persuasive
ways through which concepts, services, opinions
and products are 'sold' to consumers and the
audience" (Nayer xiii). Consumerism Rhetrickery This image says
"Look how beautiful California is.
Come and relax here." "the use of images, signs and symbolic goods to summon up dreams, desires and fantasies" (Nayer xviii). “In American culture, for example, economic value is increasingly created at the level of corporate brand identities and the suasory production of consumer desire to affiliate with these brands” (Harold xxiii). California is the brand. product= "the fruits of our labor" "But we are warning you..." "This won't be your last visit to California" Because California has
1.fresh food
2.beautiful scenery
3. relaxation
4.famous people "one good brand campaign can change an entire industry" (Nayer xxiii). By using "packaging" and "rhetrickery," they try
to convince consumers to come to California,
enjoy their products, and buy into this perceived lifestyle
to boost California's economy. This means they are trying to sell you the California lifestyle and create a "desire" to be apart of it. picture
here It's a place that you can enjoy a good meal
with friends and family. And there are plenty of wines
to choose from. If you tell a lie often enough, the public will begin to believe it.
Paul Josef Goebbels
Rhetoric is using language to communicate effectively. Rhetrickery is using language to California is... The "Land of Wine & Food." And if you haven't already... You will "Find yourself here." The video does this by saying... Now are you going to visit California? I bet you will. A deconstruction of the
promotion of California tourism. This image portrays the beautiful scenery of California,
that all consumers would enjoy. Selling the concept that California has the best wine,
and you can see exactly where it comes from when you visit. All these things are sold to you in the video through the images above.
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