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Meridian Tapping (EFT) For A Breakthrough Season

How to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as meridian tapping, for peak performance in sport.

Lisa Engles

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Meridian Tapping (EFT) For A Breakthrough Season

Coaching The InnerState Part 2:
EFT For A Breakthrough Season presented by Lisa Engles Objectives What is EFT?
Why EFT is a powerful performance tool for any athlete.
Learn the basic EFT process. You should be familiar with the prerequisite material
presented in the webinar titled: "Coaching The InnerState" EFT, also known as 'meridian tapping' is an emotional version of acupuncture. Why EFT Is The Best
Performance Tool For Any Athlete Results are often immediate and long lasting, if not permanent. Empowering.
Once you learn how to perform EFT,
you can do it on your own Tap for anything.
EFT works on just about any physical,
mental or emotional problem or issue. Easy to use.
EFT is so simple that a child can use it
(my daughter started tapping when she was 4!) No drugs, surgeries or other medical
interventions are involved with EFT. Scientifically proven to work.
Although EFT is a new technique in the field of Energy Psychology, studies are beginning to show it's effectiveness in enhancing sports performance. Universal healing aid.
You can use the same procedure to get rid of a headache, improve a relationship, increase your income, overcome illness, break a bad habit etc.. Symptoms Underlying Causes Performance
Plateau Chronic Pain
or Injury Lack of
Self Confidence Not Motivated Inability to
Recover Beliefs Habits Attitudes I'm not good enough I can't because.... I wasn't born to be a runner (swimmer, cyclist etc) I don't have enough time I've tried everything and nothing works He/She prevents me from.... I didn't have a good coach Let's Get Started! In order for you to experience the benefits of EFT (and be able to use these techniques with your clients) you must be willing to participate in this webinar.
No multi-tasking. Give your full attention- you should be in a quiet area with no distractions.
Follow the demos and take notes of your own issues.
Tap along with me. Tapping Points EFT Basic Recipe
1. Set Up Statement
2. Reminder phrase and Sequence
3. Reassessment
4. Fine Tune
5. Test 4 Things You Must Do Before Performing EFT
Pick a simple issue to work on
Rate your subjective unit of distress (SUDs)
Choose your Set Up statement and Reminder Phrase
Know the tapping sequence A rating of how intense the issue or
problem is on a scale of 0-10. How upset do you feel?
How intense is your discomfort?
How true does this belief feel?
How anxious are you? A statement that consists of your specific (negative) issue followed by a (positive) affirmation of acceptance. Tap the KC point and repeat your Set Up Statement 3 times. Step 2 Tap the sequence while repeating a reminder phrase at each point. Step 3 Reassess your SUDs rating. What's your level of intensity for this issue on a scale of
0-10? Step 4 Fine tune by making adjustments to the Set Up Statement and Reminder Phrase based on current intensity level and repeat tapping sequence. Rating = 8-10 Set Up: 3 x KC point
"Even though I don't want to release this disappointment, I deeply and completely accept myself." R1: Tap "This disappointment" on all points. R2-3: Tap Stream of Consciousness on all points, focus on negative.
I should have done better
I don't know what happened, I just choked
I let myself down R4: Tap "This disappointment" on all points. Rating 5-7 Set Up Statement: 3 x KC point
"Even though there's a part of me that still doesn't want to release this disappointment, there's another part of me that's ready to let it go, and I deeply and completely accept myself. R1: Tap "Any remaining disappointment" on all points R2-3: Tap stream of consciousness on all Points, focus on transition statements
There's a part of me that wants to let this go
I'm ready to release this disappointment
I'm willing to let this disappointment go
This disappointment is only a distraction and takes up too much energy
I need to release this disappointment Tap "Any remaining disappointment" on all points Rating = 1-4 Set Up Statement: 3 x KC point
"Even though there's a small part of me that doesn't want to release this disappointment, there's a much more powerful part of me that chooses to let it go, and I deeply and completely accept myself. R1: Tap "Any remaining disappointment on all points R2: Tap Choices Statements on all points
I choose to release this disappointment now
I choose to let this disappointment go
I choose to give myself permission to completely release this (issue) now R3: Tap all points, alternating "Any remaining disappointment" and "I choose to let it go" R4: Repeat R2, Positive Choices Statements Step 5 Test your results.
Try to access the issue by thinking about it.
Does it reappear later, during training or competition? No= the issue is resolved
Yes= continue tapping until the issue is resolved R4: Belief/ Issue Supporting evidence Emotional 'Superglue' Aspects Psychological Reversals The harder you try, the more powerful the resistance you experience. You consciously want one thing, but
there's another part of you that resists it. PR's are an unconscious resistance to change. Make a statement that acknowledges that the problem you want to change exists, and at the same time affirm that you accept yourself, even though you have the problem. This is the basis of using the Set Up Statement. Solution Payoffs and Tail Enders There's a subconscious belief that there's more of an
advantage to holding on to the problem than eliminating it. Payoffs are also called 'tail-enders' because they show up at the end of a statement of intention. Too Global Haven't Identified The Core Issue Blind spots Core issues are the 'root' causes Symptoms Not Ready, Willing or Capable Inadequate Knowledge of EFT Level of expertise is not adequate to resolve the issue (ie: dealing with complex issues v. simple issues) I want to perform better, but it's just not possible because I'm always injured

I want to lose weight, but that means I have to give up the foods I love to eat and then I'll be deprived.

I want to lose weight, but then Aunt Betty and my sister will be jealous of me. Uncovering a Tail Ender The thing about me that makes it impossible to achieve this goal is....
The thing about my past that makes it impossible for me to achieve this goal is...
The consequences of reaching this goal are...
The way I might sabotage this goal is... We can't see our core issues, so we need some one else's eyes. Why Does EFT Work? Why Is Change So Hard? Emotional Mind Rational Mind Vs. Feedback loops Events trigger an emotional response which in turn creates a neural pathway in the brain that supports the (limiting) belief. EFT Interrupts the Neural Network (Feedback Loop) Step 1 What If It Doesn't Work? Example

Even though I (negative issue), I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I'm really anxious about my upcoming race, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I have this back pain, I love and accept myself."

"Even though my body feels fatigued and achy, I accept who I am." What is
EFT? How Do I Incorporate EFT Into My Coaching? Begin to transition EFT into your coaching.
Use EFT with current athletes who are open to new/alternative tools for peak performance.
As you acquire new athletes, let them know up front that EFT is a part of your coaching package.
Charge accordingly. EFT is a tool that adds value to your coaching practice, so consider raising your rates. Simple Issue Single faceted- disappointed about your race
Current- happened recently
Not Chronic- not a persistent problem
Simple pain or injury- headache, back pain v. medical issue
Fear or non-complex phobia- fear of spiders, public speaking
Simple emotions- nervousness, stress, frustration, cravings Complex Issue Multi-faceted- you always sabotage your performance
Ongoing- this has been an issue for years
Chronic- depression, chronic pain
Complex fear or phobia- your fear of heights stems from your brother pushing you off the rooftop when you were little Vs. Subjective Units of Distress Set Up Statement Johns Set Up Statement :
"Even though I'm disappointed with my race performance, I deeply and completely accept myself." Reminder Phrase A very short statement that describes your issue. The reminder phrase for John will be: " I'm disappointed" You don't have to believe it will work in order to get results. EFT Is A Powerful Tool
To Add To Your Coaching Practice Easy to learn and apply
Works on simple and complex issues- from performance anxiety to chronic pain and injury to lack of motivation and beyond
Results are immediate and lasting in the hands of a good practitioner
Adds value to your coaching business, allowing you to charge more for your services
Differentiates you from other coaches out there "What Do I Do Next?" 1. Go to www.lisaengles.com/usatcoach
2. Sign up for free webinar.
3. Learn more about how to use EFT with your athletes and leverage your new skills to make more money in your coaching business. Once you learn how to use EFT, you will be able to help your athletes:
Break through training and racing plateaus
Take control of their mental focus
Release tension and anxiety associated with performance or past failures
Strengthen positive beliefs
Super charge goals setting
Become comfortable with the idea of success Case Study:

John is a 38yr old triathlete- top age-grouper.

Last weekend raced at qualifier for nationals. He performed 6 minutes slower than his goal time and missed making the national team by less than 20 seconds. He knows he should have raced much better and that normally, he would have easily made the national team.

He's extremely disappointed and as a coach, you realize that it's important for him to release the frustration of this failure so that he doesn't carry it into his training and future races. Additionally, you know that this experience brings the opportunity for growth in Johns racing. You decide to use EFT with him.

Johns Issue: Disappointment and frustration with his race result. When you ask John to rate the intensity of his disappointment on a scale of 0-10, he determines that it's at a 10. 3 x "Even though I'm really disappointed about my race, I deeply and completely accept myself." " I'm disappointed" You ask John to take a deep, cleansing breath. Then you ask him to check in with how he feels (physically and emotionally) about the issue and to rate it again. He rates it at an 8. After this round, you ask John to reassess his SUDS. It's starting to go down, he's now at a 5. So you move on to another round of tapping. This time, you begin to 'bridge' his issue, moving from the negative feelings to a more positive outcome. After this round of tapping you ask John to rate his SUDs and it has continued to go down. His rating is now a 2. You continue with a final round of tapping, focusing on the positive. At the end of this round, John feels relaxed and cannot trigger the anger and disappointment when he thinks about his race. He feels optimistic and confident that this was a fluke race he can put behind him and move on to the performance he knows is possible for himself. Lisa@InnerStateCoaching.com
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