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Themes in Bless Me Ultima

No description

Anna Babler

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Themes in Bless Me Ultima

Quick Refresher:
-What is a Theme?
-How does a theme help a novel?
-How does a theme develop a character?
Themes in Bless Me Ultima
Moral Indepenence
Moral independence can not be clearly defined.

-How is this seen in the novel?
Culture can greatly influence identity.

-How is this displayed to the reader?
Forgiveness is easier for children than adults.

-In what ways do we see the adult figures in Bless Me Ultima struggle with this?
Social Prejudice can unfairly determine a course of judgement.

-What types of social prejudice is displayed in the novel? How does it affect the characters?
What other types of themes can be found in the novel?
loss of innocence
conflicting cultures
good vs. evil
family expectations
dreams of parents vs. children

How are each of these themes portrayed in the novel? Discuss with your groups and be prepared to share with the class.
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