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Lines and Shapes

No description

Cody Pope

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Lines and Shapes

Lines and Shapes
A shape that has a regular outline.
Organic Shapes
A shape with irregular borders. Shapes that appear in nature.

The Way out
Dallas City Hall- I.M. Pei
Geometric Shapes
From the Lake- O’Keeffe
Girl With Pearl Earring- Vermeer
Whaam! - Lichtenstein
Dallas City Hall- I.M. Pei
Little Dancer of Fourteen Years –Degas (sculpture)
Identify lines in these works of art.
Identify Geometric Shapes in these paintings.
Identify Organic (free form) and Geometric Shapes in these works of art.
Japanese Bridge- Monet
The Three Musicians-Picasso
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