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The Hero's Journey

No description

Dante Rigo de Righi

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

Bilbo's Heroic Journey
By: Dante & Jordan
Ordinary World
Bilbo Baggins starts in his home town, Shire. Shire is a very peaceful adventure free town inhabited by Hobbits.
Call To Adventure
Bilbo is approached by Gandalf one morning while enjoying his morning tea, breakfast, and pipe. Gandalf asks Bilbo "would you like to go on an adventure?"
Teh End
Thank you!
Refusal to Call
Bilbo is initially very reluctant about going on this adventure, flailing around on the floor in front of the dwarves in order to avoid this arduous task.
Meeting the Mentor
The mentor, Gandalf, is an ominous character at first, and continues to be mysterious character throughout the book. He tells Bilbo that he is going on this adventure as a burglar whether he likes it or not.
Crossing the Threshold
The moment at which Bilbo crosses the threshold into this other world is hard to pin to a single moment, but something more metaphorical is when He makes a decision is when he chases the dwarves to participate in this adventure to become a burglar.
Tests, Allies and enemies
Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth
The Road Back
On the trip back home, Bilbo is accompanied by Beorn and Gandalf, going the long way home instead, avoiding the forest. They stop along the way at Beorn's house to rest and feast. When they do arrive at Bilbo's hole, though, they find that the other Hobbits have just assumed that Bilbo has died, and are in the process of taking all his things.
There are many beings that the dwarves and Bilbo interact with throughout the book, and their allies include Elves and Men, their enemies include the Goblins and Smaug, and their tests include the Trolls, Gollum, and the Spiders.
When Bilbo and the dwarves arrive at the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo is the first one to go down into the mountain, where he finds Smaug, the greedy and mean spirited dragon.
After Smaug is killed, the story takes a downward turn. Lake Town is destroyed, Greed consumes pretty much everybody, and Thorin Dies. The main ordeal, though, is the war that has to be fought between the Wood Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Wargs and Goblins. This, however, bonds the elves, Dwarves and humans in their effort to ward off the Goblins.
Return with the Elixir
As a reward, Bilbo receives treasure from Bard, is able to keep the ring, as well as his blade, sting.
We see a Resurrection of the old Bilbo as they stop at Beorn's house, with Bilbo embracing the comforts of home. Also, Bilbo is healed in Rivendell.
Bilbo returns with a new perspective of the world, and a new sense of purpose. The other hobbits alienate him because of the adventure he has undergone, but Bilbo doesn't really mind. He's found friends outside of his home
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