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No description

Brittany Beck

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of LinkedIn

Parts of a profile...

Professional Headline



Work experience

Skills and expertise

How can you use it?
How does LinkedIn make sense for YOU?

What is your role on LinkedIn?
What is LinkedIn?
A professional social networking site

World's largest professional network

A place to showcase your brand


JFCS Employment Clients
How Recruiters Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a

10% Search
90% Action

" I'm a huge fan of the overall service that LinkedIn provides and sincerely believe that all professional adults should set up an account on that social-professional network. That said, I don't spend a lot of time on the site."
- Jill Duffy, Writer and Software analyst for PC Mag
Often recruiters:

Are looking for hard positions to fill
Go straight to "employment history" section
Only glance at a profile
What are the benefits of LinkedIn?
Provides tools to manage your career
Develops new connections
Maintain contacts with past connections
Find experts, ideas, and opportunities
Promote your success
Learn about companies
Prepare for interviews
Professional Headline
IT specialist
Creative director and product developer
Patent law expert
Entrepreneur and Internet Visionary
Hands-on retail manager
IT specialist. Looking to positively impact a new organization
Profile Picture
Helps you see real-life network
How appropriate is the connection?
Quality not Quantity vs. More is better
Be polite
Don't overuse
Serves different purposes for different careers
Use key words intelligently
Tailor it to your situation
Write in first person
Keep it readable
Break it up
Have your audience in mind
Employment History
Often most read
Avoid discrepancies
Latest job should not be "seeking employment"
Skills and Expertise
Endorsements < Recommendations
Additional Information
Personal URL
Links to outside sites
Contact Info
Privacy on LinkedIn
Tools within LinkedIn
Job Search
Status updates
Want Help Creating/Utilizing
YOUR LinkedIN?
We can help!
Contact Brittany for LinkedIn
related questions or help
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