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Romeo and Juliet Timeline

No description

Ax Xe

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Timeline

Sunday, July 7, 1377
Act 1, Scene 1- Benvolio, Tybalt, and the
Montague and Capulet servants brawl in the streets.
Prince Escalus declares that all who fight in Verona will be put to death.
Act 1, Scene 1- Romeo is lovesick for Rosaline.

Act 1, Scene 2- Paris asks Lord Capulet for Juliet's hand in marriage.
Act 1, Scene 2- Benvolio and Mercutio suggest to Romeo that he should attend the Capulet ball
that night so that he can compare
Rosaline's beauty with others.
Act 1, Scene 3- Juliet is told by Lady Capulet
that Paris wants to marry her and she asks Juliet
to look for a man she likes at the ball.
Act 1, Scene 4- Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio attend the Capulet ball disguised in masks.
Act 1, Scene 5- Romeo sees Juliet and immediately falls in love with her.
Act 2, Scene 1- After the party, Romeo slips away to meet Juliet and Benvolio and Mercutio search for him in vain.
Act 2, Scene 2- Romeo and Juliet meet on the balcony of Juliet's bedroom and they profess
their love to each other. They decide to
get married immediately.
Act 2, Scene 3- Romeo meets Friar Lawrence and
asks for his help to get him and Juliet married.

Act 2, Scene 4- Mercutio and Benvolio look for Romeo to warn him that Tybalt wants to duel with him.
Act 2, Scene 4- The nurse arrives and warns Romeo that he better not be lying about loving Juliet. Romeo
tells the nurse that Juliet should go to Friar
Lawrence's cell to get married. He makes
arrangements so that he can visit Juliet in
her room that night.
Act 2, Scene 5- The nurse returns to
Juliet and delivers Romeo's message.
Act 2, Scene 6- Romeo and Juliet go to Friar Lawrence's cell, where they get married.
Act 3, Scene 1- Tybalt confonts Romeo, and when Romeo refuses to fight, he duels with Mercutio instead. Tybalt kills Mercutio, and in revenge, Romeo kills Tybalt. The prince decides that Romeo must be banished for his actions.
Act 3, Scene 2 - The nurse brings Juliet the
news that Romeo has killed Tybalt and
has been banished. At first, Juliet is
angry at Romeo, but quickly
forgives him.
Act 3, Scene 3- Romeo, who is hiding in Friar Lawrence's cell, is told the news that he has been sentenced to exile.
Act 3, Scene 3- The nurse comes to bring news to Romeo and take him to Juliet.
Act 3, Scene 4- Lord Capulet meets with Paris and decides that Juliet will be married to him on Thursday.
Act 3, Scene 5- Romeo spends the rest of
the night with Juliet.
Act 3, Scene 5- Romeo leaves Juliet and
heads to Mantua.
Act 3, Scene 5- Lord Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry Count Paris on Thursday and is infuriated when she declines.

Act 4, Scene 1- Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence's cell for advice on what to do. He tells her about a plan where she will take a potion that will render her unconscious for 42 hours so that she will look dead and escape with Romeo.
Friar John is sent to Mantua to deliver a
letter to Romeo telling about the
Act 4, Scene 2- Juliet returns from Friar
Lawrence's cell and pretends to agree to marry Paris.
Act 4, Scene 2- Lord Capulet is delighted with his daughter's change of mind and orders the wedding to be moved forward to Wednesday.
Act 4, Scene 3- Juliet takes the potion and falls into a slumber.
Act 4, Scene 4- Lord Capulet works on the wedding preparations during the night.
Act 4, Scene 5- The Capulets discover Juliet's unconscious body and believe she is dead.
Act 4, Scene 5- The wedding is hastily changed to a funeral to mourn Juliet's death.
Act 4, Scene 5- Friar Lawrence comforts the Capulets.
Act 5, Scene 1- Balthasar tells Romeo that
Juliet is dead. Romeo goes to the apothecary to
buy poison so he can die with Juliet.

Act 5, Scene 2- Friar Lawrence finds out that Friar John was unable to deliver his message to Romeo and sets
out for the tomb to get Juliet.
Act 5, Scene 3- Paris and his page arrive at Juliet's tomb.
Act 5, Scene 3- Romeo and Balthasar arrive at the
tomb. Romeo orders Balthasar to leave.
Act 5, Scene 3- Paris confronts Romeo and
Romeo kills him. Paris' page runs away to
call a constable.
Romeo drinks the poison and
kills himself.
(All events take place in Act 5, Scene 3.)
Friar Lawrence arrives at the tomb.
Juliet wakes up and Friar Lawrence tells her to go with him and live in a convent, but she refuses to.
Friar Lawrence runs away when he hears the watchmen coming. Taking advantage of his absence, Juliet stabs herself and dies.
The watchmen arrive and take Friar Lawrence and Balthasar into custody and call for the Prince, the Montagues, and the Capulets.

(All events take place in Act 5, Scene 3.)
The prince, the Capulets, and the Montagues arrive at the scene and other citizens are finding out what happened.
Lord Montague tells them that his wife died that night from grief of Romeo's banishment.
Friar Lawrence, Balthasar, and the page describe what happened and Balthasar shows the prince Romeo's suicide letter.
The prince reprimands Lord Montague and Lord Capulet and blames them for the tragedy.
Lord Capulet and Lord Montague promise to
build statues of Romeo and Juliet to
commemorate their deaths and end
their feud once and for all.
July 12,1377
= Death
= Marriage
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