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My Proposal for my Advert

No description

Thomas Furzeman

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of My Proposal for my Advert

How it is going to presented
Effects that I am going to use
dissolve transition
cut transitions
Verbal communication techniques
CGI(computer-generated imagery)
Desaturated images
Shot types (mainly the medium shot as you want to see the punches landing and the pain that the victim is in to show the full meaning)
Edited sound
The use of time to show a sequence of events
Inspirational images for the advert
Main idea of the advert
My idea for my advert is the issue with verbal bullying

The scene will start with the surrounding scene with the victim on his own and the scenery with other people in groups. 2 people will walk towards the victim and start making the victim uncomfortable because he knows what is going to happen. The start shouting harsh words at him causing punches to come out of his mouth hitting the victim. This will cause bruises and blood all over him to show the pain he is in. Showing the helplines at the bottom after this has happened will show where to get help from. This is meant to show the synergy between the physical and verbal bullying showing that the any type of bullying will hurt.
The effect of the advert
This information should be understood by a younger audience as it is children acting. Also it has a yard, familiar grounds for someone around our age.
My ideas from other adverts
The content
The presentation
My Proposal for my Advert
By Thomas Furzeman
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