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Save The Wetlands Final Project

No description

Ms. McTurk

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Save The Wetlands Final Project

Maxwell A's Save The Wetlands Project
How to Prevent Pollution and Dumping
- we can prevent Pollution by building more Parks that protects the wetlands so people know to not litter or pick things out of the wetlands
- we can prevent Dumping by putting landfills in a different place where no nothing is harmed and not near a wetland
Save The Wetlands Final Project
By Maxwell A.
1.) Title page
2.) Index
3.) How to stop Pollution & Dumping
4.) How to pervent Pollution & Dumping
5.) Companies that Protect the Wetlands
6.) What we can do at Home
7.) What we can do at School
8.) The End!

How to Stop Pollution and Dumping
- We can stop pollution by putting things where they belong like throwing garbage out in the correct bin
- We can stop dumping by telling others to not dump here because there is important wild life in wetlands
What we can do Home
- At home we can grow and plants trees and protect the wetlands around us
- Also at home don't destroy and plants or
What we can do at Home
- At school we can go outside and water and plant more trees and plants
- Also, at school we can go on more field trips to National Parks or more wetlands to see more things and learn how it works
The End
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