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Introduction FM : Service Management

Service Management & Service Blueprinting

Bert Smit

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Introduction FM : Service Management

understand the difference between products and services

know and understand the basics of service management

understand the SERVUCTION model

understand the basics of service blueprinting

be able to create basic service blueprints

1. identify the processes that create the service
2. anticipate problems with service delivery
3. establish a timeframe for execution of the service
4. analyse (a) expected satisfaction of guest
and (b) expected profitability for company
Four major steps in designing a service
at the end of this lecture you should
What is a service?
Service Blueprinting
servuction model
visible service - landscape
product or service...
What is a product?
tangible -
separable from provider -
(can be stored for later use) inperishable -
(qualitity is consistent) invariable -
Service management
& service blueprinting
why go through the trouble of
designing a service and/or servicescape?
product or service?
product or service?
hotel room
product or service?
safari with driver
product or service?
bakery shop
Four core purposes of servicescapes:

(1) engineer the customers' experiences, and shape their behavior;

(2) convey the planned image of the firm and support its positioning and differentiation strategy;

(3) be part of the value proposition

(4) facilitate the service encounter and enhance both service quality and productivity.
it is crucial to manage the
servuction system because....
guest expectations & satisfaction (e.g. quality)
control costs
add value
the service is associated with provider/brand (loyalty)
encounter points:
interpersonal interaction (moment of truth)
fail points:
points where deficiencies can be expected
based on experience with similar services
or predictions of the service
highest probability of problems:
combination of encounter and fail points
important to identify
Service Blueprint of overnight stay
Good service?

Bad service?
inanimate environment:
non-living-things in the service landscape
in = not
animate = alive
what's visible?
what's invisible?

What are elements of the inanimate environment?
Sodexo Campuss Catering Concept
what's visible?
what's invisible?

What might be positive / negative of other customers in this Vodafone store?
Physical evidence:
tangible proof of the service performed
Introduction in FM :
action = reaction
bookkeeping software, reservations systems, planning etc.
service desk employees, waiters, janitor
kitchen chef, warehousing, ict
typical Facility management services?
Blueprints in practice
who am I?
Bert Smit MSc.
Social scientist / consumer behaviour specialist
past: Apenheul Primate Park
Service management is about managing

- effectiveness of service
- efficient use of resources
- quality criteria

- customer satisfaction
- customer relationship

flow of actions:
in what order do all the things that create the service happen
- intangible
- inseparable from provider
- perishable (cannot be stored for later use)
- variability (quality depends on who,
where, when and how)
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