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How American High School Students are Loathing Literature

The American English curriculum is dumb and feeble and high school students are loathing literature in society

jaffer sikander

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of How American High School Students are Loathing Literature

The English curriculum is weak and fragile. I agree with Francine Prose #weakcurriculum How American High School Students learn to Loathe Literature Ethos:
Students handicapped due to the lack of literature
Students are not challenging themselves with more difficult literature
Students not eager enough to learn more and expand their horizon Logos:
Instead of literature that conveys a complex worldview, sentimental and middle brow favorites are read in class
A student is forced to read a old and classic book, in where the author has passed away, but seems not to like the book and will classify it as dull, the student will right away think that all classic books are dull and boring. (Induction and deduction) Pathos:
At a young adolescence age children encounter baffling longevity mediocre novels which leave indelible impressions on literature.
Prose critics teachers and the English curriculum because it hides well modern literature that focuses on the diversity of authors.
Elitist hide their literature based on their characteristics Rhetorical questions
Public schools should change the way books are assigned and let students choose their own books so they will not lose interest in literacy.
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