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Nakib Hasan

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

*Doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. all work in health care technology
* Health care is a care,service or supply provided to humans related to their physical and mental well being
*technology has a huge influence on health care, as technology gets better so does health care
*the average age in Canada is increasing and people believe this is due to better health care and technology
Health Care Education Path 2 Essential Skills Neurologist * complete High School diploma with exemplary marks and great school involvement
*complete a University degree in the sciences, Life Sciences is recommended
*complete med-school
*3-5 years of residency after med-school before becoming a neurologist 2 Fundamental Concepts Sustainbility: I think this job is very important and there is an increased need for this because more and more athletes are being diagnosed to concussions or any part of the central nervous system so its important to preserve this job and it is only going to grow as we find out more about the brain. Also this sustainability relates to this job because we want to make sure that we attend to any disorder and make sure that the patient is fine for a long time

Structure: the process in which u diagnose the person and how u can improve on helping the patients relates to this. The increase of technology has really helped neurologists because now they have better resources it is easier to diagnose the disorder or injury and then treat it. continuous learning: When becoming a neurologist you must always be aware that learning never ends because of technological advancements which means learning how to operate new products or just a new method of approaching patients or dealing with them. Also there are many courses you must continue to take for business reasons because as times change methods do to.
Interacting with others: Neurologists have to interact with patients if you are the head of your office than it is that much more important. Neurologists need to talk to their patients and to understand the situation when you are a youth and suffering from a concussion the person himself cannot diagnose the neurologist needs to diagnose him by doing a number of tests. *Neurology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases regarding the central nervous system
* it also diagnosis's peripheral and autonomic systems
*a neurologist is the physician who diagnosis's the patient for their neurological disorder
*Neurologist's are usually employed full time 5 days a week for 40-50 hours a week although it is not uncommon to work up to 60 hours in a week
* neurologists like a typical physician work in an office most of the time
*make 250-400 thousand dollars per year 250 is usually the starting salary Work Habits Organization: Organization is crucial with booked appointments. You have to prepare with reviewing patients in the hospital writing down reviews on each patient
Reliability: Neurologists work a lot on-call so it is important to always be ready, obviously being at work on time is very important as this job is dealing with patients one to one regularly
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