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Elizabeth Lock

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of ARGENTINA

Music and Dance in Argentina
Economy Report -- How People Make a Living
Tourist Destinations
The Valley Of the moon.
The economy of Argentina is a high-income economy, that means that people get more money when they work there. They grow oilseed, lemons, wheat, barley, citrus fruit, cotton, sugar cane, rice, tea leaves, soybeans, grapes, and tobacco in their fertile land nown as the
23 Provinces
Buenos Aires (capital)
You might hear many different kinds of music in Argentina, some of which will come from Spain and other parts of Latin America and a lot which comes from Britain and the United States.
Argentina is the country that the Tango originates from!
Entre Rios
Tierra Del Fuego
Rio Negro
Mate is a tea-like
beverage that has a very specific preparation. It is enjoyed with a special "straw" and gourd. Literally NO ONE from Argentina does not drink mate
Argentina is known for it's Beef consumption
Yummm!!! Meat!!!
Buenos Aires
Chimichurri is a steak
condiment made with parsley, oregano, onion and garlic .
Locro is a stew-like food that contains cabbage, onion, tomatoes, squash, corn, garlic, and usually some pork sausage and is boiled over a slow fire for a long time
The capital of Argentina and probably the biggest tourist attraction in Argentina. It's an immensly diverse place, and also one of the most popular capitals in the world!
Santa Cruz
San luiz
Santiago del Estero
This is a classic Argentine
Tango. Argentina has much French and Italian culture due to it's first settlers, which were French and Italian. This dace style is a product of their hybridity in culture.
Dulce de leche
Dulce de leche is a creamy, thick, substance similar to caramel. However, unlike caramel, it's made with congealed milk. It is a dessert item and is usually put on bread or pancakes.
Firsthand reports by Marco Illari conclude it's delicious
Alfajores are two light, crumbly cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar with dulce de leche in the middle like a dessert sandwich

An asado is kind of like a barbeque, except it only has animal products. Some things that go into an asado are as following: blood sausages, chorizos , tripe, stuffed tripe, rib-eye steak, flank steak, short pork ribs, and sweetbread cooked to a crisp with lemon. This is all cooked together over a slow fire.
Beth L., Kylea H., Sam V., and Marco I.

Argentina is a Democratic republic community. It's constitution was adopted in 1853, and has been changed several times.
Santa Fe
La Pampa
La Rioja
Santa Cruz
Empanadas are pockets of bread with varying things inside. Beef, (an empanada is always mostly meat) boiled egg, onion, chopped olives, and raisins are all common ingredients in empanadas
Kind of like hot pockets, except healthier! ;-)
A valley on the western border of Argentina, and also a popular tourist attraction due to its strange, otherworldly apperance.
Ushuaia is known for supposebly being the "southernmost city in the world", and the "end of the world", and not for nothing. It's located on the edge of the southern tip of argentina
htpps://www.google .com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-imstan&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=ushuia
This is a salt flat in Argentina!
Argentina's President today is:
Messi (Numero 10)
Cristina Fernandez DE Kirchner.
Messi is widely known as the best soccer player in the world and he plays for Argentina! Messi has broken the world record for most goals in one championship league. His record is 71 goals. Messi has also won the world player of the year for four times in a row!
Buenos Aires, capital
This is Gabriela Sabatini. She played tennis for the argentine national team.
The Argentine National Anthem
"En unión y libertad" ("In Unity and Freedom")
Argentina controls some of the best and largest cattle farms in the world. That's partially due to the fact that the Argentine love their steak, and also due to their "early history" (before they were a country.)
You see, the spanish came to settle in a new colony called Buenos Aires, and soon heard of another city and went to live there instead. They left their cattle, which bread like crazy, and when the settlers returned, there were hundreds upon hundreds of cows!
Gabriela Sabatini
Jorge Mario Bergolio (a.k.a Pope Francis)
The current leader of the catholic church is actually from Argentina!
Che Guevara
Eva Peron
-- Argentine motto
Argentina uses Argentine
for currency
Ernesto Che Guevara was a revolutionary from Argentina. He disagreed with most of south america's communist approach to government due to widespread poverty. He joined with fidel castro to overthrow cuba's government in 1954. He was the one to invite missiles fron the soviet union into cuba. He was banished from cuba after he suggested the soviets attacking the U.S.A., and lived in bolivia unntil he has tracked down and killed.
Famous People (cont.)
Argentina has a wide variety of biomes, from grassy hills to the fertile pampas to the expansive salt flats. consequently, it has a wide variety of climates. Argentina mostly enjoys a moderate climate with cool, dry winters and humid summers.
The pampas are some of the world's most fertile areas of land. they are miles upon miles of plains, and today mostly used for farming.
Eva Peron was a women's rigts activist as well as Argentina's first lady several times. She was also in charge of education and health and labor for the country. She had a lot of popularity due to her support for the poor. Eva Peron died on July 26, 1952 in Buenos Aires of cancer
Population density: 15/Sq. kilomiter
Population density: 35/sq Kilometer
Life expectancy: 76 yrs.
Life expectancy: 79yrs.
Population: 314.1 million
Population: 41.45 million
They made a movie and a play about these people!
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